No more to Goa. These 6 offbeat beaches in Odisha are going to drive your holidays crazy anyway!

Odisha, an eastern Indian state known for intricate architecture and long stretched beaches with golden sand line, blue water and the pleasant weather is all a person craves for off work holidays. With friends or family, a holiday in the beaches can never go wrong with tanned skin and cold beer. Here presenting you 6 beautiful offbeat shorelines you can explore and adore this vacation.


This beach on the Chilika in the Ganjam district of Orissa is quite a well visited place by the tourists who are highly attracted when the olive ridley turtles- the smallest marine turtle come here in millions to lay egg once a year. Daringabadi, from where the river originates is called the “Kashmir of Odisha”. A large number of large scale industries are set up in the basin that gives a good mode of employment to the natives. There are 2 amazing small hamlets that have tourist infrastructure in the form of state government owned bungalows.


Astarang is one of the perfect destinations if you want to enjoy your holidays on a beach. It is an extremely popular beach in Puri. The unique feature of this beach is that it offers a mesmerizing view of the horizon which becomes uncommonly beautiful during the sunset. The beach offers a popular fishing destination for Puri district. The “Pir Jahania” shrine is frequently visited by both a Hindus and Muslims who offer ‘Chadaars’ and take blessings. There is also a mangrove path and the visitors need to take guides when venturing into this unexplored area on the beach. Since there are no accommodation options of the beach, the travelers need to put up at Puri that is 90 kms from the beach or Konark which is 19 kms away.


The beach shows a very unique phenomenon where the sea recedes by as much as 5 kms every day. It enthralls the onlookers and offers an amazing time to walk on the beach. It offers an unforgettable experience. The chandnipur beach lies 200 kms away from Bhubaneswar, thus, it is wise enough to take a train from Balasore which is the closest town to the beach. On the way to NH5, one can witness assured greenery. The peaceful ambience including the Casuarina tree along with the sound of the tide and ebb of the waves is a beautiful sight to find inner peace away from the hustle and bustle of urbanization. One can also find horse crabs and red crabs crawling all round. A number of reputed ballistic missiles have been launched from this site. It is pocket friendly, having an elaborate beach festival. November to march is the apt time to visit the beach.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city is the Puri beach. It is also considered to be one of the most sacred places as pilgrims come to pay deference to lord Jagannath. The beach offers an extremely tranquil environment and sand art displays by both local and international artists. The beach is a must visit as it is only 2 kms away from the main railway station with an easy availability of transport system to carry you to and fro from your hotel. It offers fine white sands and one of the main reasons why it can attract beach lovers is the annual beach festival that takes place every November. It is an great place for introvert holiday makers. It provides an unique opportunity to witness the site of sunrise and sunset that will leave you awestruck.


A lot of fun and folly waits for you in one of the most pristine beaches of Odisha called the Gopalpur beach. It is 16 kms away from Brahampur where one can witness clusters of coconut and palm trees overgrown with casuarinas plantations, white sandunes that separate this beach from others. The beach also has some crumbling bungalows to witness it’s swinging maritime past. The beach is very quiet and offers a clean place to swim and bask you in the sun. The old lighthouse offers a wonderful view from the top but is open for a very less time. It advisable to visit during the high season, November to January as rest of time, it remains idle. 


30 kms distance from Berhampur and 6 kms Chhatrapur of Ganjam district, this beach is extremely charming and silent. Its bracing and invigorating freshness of the climate provides a different sort of happiness to the soul. The fisherman village, sand mineral project are the major attractions for see lovers. The ideal time to visit this beach is between October and June. The serenity that embraces the beach will completely wash away all the blues from your mind, body and soul. The beach can be reached via the national highway from where the well maintained roads lead to the famous beach.

Ayushi Arora