A trip that is saved in my dream draft. Its not about always real but how u feel about a adventure that u always want in your trip. I have my dream trip that could give me stitches but with a golden experience of life I could breath freely in this fresh air of togetherness with myself and to see this world through my soul and get the satisfaction for everything in my life . A trip is not always for me to go there have photos, selfies , eat , rest and come back sometimes its about to find yourself when you are lost and give yourself a new life and to gather strength to say yes I am alive :-)  with a very small things in your life that gives you happiness just when you are sitting in a car , train , bus , airplane whatever it is we all are there to enjoy our journey not to reach the destination always. A journey that is full of laughter and togetherness without any selfishness we can talk weird have photos with full madness sing ,dance, cheer whatever we want , we can do just to make our journey memorable because when we talk about our trip to anywhere we talk about the memories we had between the  journey of destination we want to reach not about the destination always , with full enthusiasm and cheerfulness that's a dream trip for me . Just to go anywhere on this earth and to feel alive and have a new birth on this planet :) it could be anything for me a smell of rain the sound of waterfalls insects noise in spring mountains full of clouds that give me the feel of heaven the touch of soft wind that says you are beautiful , the beautiful rainbow that add colours to my life , a beautiful sunrise that assures me you have a new life everyday , a beautiful sunset that says don't worry its just a bad day not a good life miracles do happen just u have to believe in them with faith and togetherness of my loved ones that makes me assure I am not alone that makes me believe yes I am alive . I have a dream trip to embrace the beauty of this beautiful nature , have a good conversation with anyone listen to their stories believe them and make friends without any fear I have to enjoy this life that I will receive only once In this journey of my dream trip I have to laugh till I got tears in my eyes and cry for not to laugh and have serious wounds that I can heal with my memories I want to go soo far till I understand the value of home and I want a trip to nowhere just a journey that could give me another life. My world may be fantasy for everyone but its how about u see life with your imagination power 

Kajal Soni