My trip to Ladakh ended in June. It was splendid, but I was bitten by the bug of wanderlust. Home did not seem comfortable. So I decided to venture on a day trip and I thought I should begin somewhere with the northeast. And Assam turned to be the closest destination.

Flights from Kolkata to Guwahati are cheap and frequent. I took an early morning flight and in an hour I was in Guwahati. 

Without wasting a minute I headed to explore north Guwahati. My first destination was the north brook gate at the fancy bazar colony. The north brook gate is located on the banks of Brahmaputra and is a beautiful site. Because of this gate, Guwahati is called the gateway to the northeast. 

 I checked in to my hotel and quickly changed for Batista temple. It is located a bit on the outskirts, but the temple has beautiful terracotta structure and is inhabitants are mainly monkeys. The temple is situated beside a stream and is known to be the meditation spot for the sage  Batista.

Then my final destination was the kamakhya temple which is one of the oldest Shakti Peeth in India. It known that Devi sati's vagina had fallen there and it bleeds once a year and the period is called ambubachi and during this the secret sanctum us closed. Thousands of pilgrim come every day to seek the blessing of the goddess.

On my way back, I spotted a countryside hiking place in old Guwahati, it is called digholipuri. It has lush green lands on the banks of the river and a steep hiking road. The hike to the top was tiring but the view was serene. It was my time for river musings. 

As I packed my bag in the evening, I promised that the trip has not ended and I will come again to be enamored by Assam's beauty.

Aditi Chakraborty