''No matter how heavy her slippers were, If  kerala was a woman , I would have proposed her for sure. Especially when she wears the monsoon robe.''

Dark clouds,continuous showers are one thing dominant in Kerala during the monsoon. Non- green patches,people without an umbrella are close to rare sight at this time of the year. As i recall my two days in Kerala , I wanna take you through the sights which I free zed through my camera and a few insights on them along with it.

A lone ice cream stall , water kissing the dark beauty , and the broken bridge with a red flag - What is exclusive about this?? one may ask. I don't know if this is the right answer but hope it is not disappointing - There is always a 'red - flag' shown by most of  others to a few of us who choose solitude.Most people think , people who choose to be alone are dull , non-social and boring.But I say people who choose to be alone are brave enough to ignore fake smiles, unending , pointless talks , forming just groups  assuming it to be friendship and most importantly have freedom of thoughts beyond the horizon and still have amazing control over it.

Indian Coffee House  is an age old restaurant present ashore the Alleppy beach. It was quite a lovely sight from my table to see the waves coated dark by the clouds.

To say about this photo , I somehow believe that the reason for this place in the earth being so green is because there is enough red 'ruling' .

It is so fascinating or rather inspiring how a place can be decently developed yet practice the age old traditions and cultures by all means without a crooked face.This old man with my favorite umbrella (thaatha kodai - I call it) was holding his dhoti up and walking on the Mullikan street , a busy commercial corridor in Alleppy.

 It was almost seven and the lights were on- It seemed like time just broke up with the evening and started to date the night . I was looking for that one thing to strike me and here it is. A luck seller. In spite of the kissing showers this man was so determined to sell the lotteries he had.

On a street beside the light-house aside the shore  , I was quietly admiring the peace queens composing music with their wings . 'cling-cling-cling' a cycle bell faded-in and this little fellow was so much concentrated on vibrating the reverberating flock.

Muthu Kumar