The exposition is about a trip to GOA Mr. Godbole, Mr. Jignesh, Mr. Chinmay, Mr. Pappu,   Mr. Pushpak and Mr. Jhamlal. Most of such trips are described by breaking them into days (DAY 1, DAY 2 etc.). For the sake of convenience and being the preferred time of the day of all the trippers, the trip will be described by breaking it into nights ;)

Enough of foreplay now will start with the serious part.

NIGHT I (09-10th Jan 13):

Four of us were supposed to meet at the Churchgate Station @8.30pm sharp. Error as expected was +1hr..: p. Each one of us was left with some or the other shopping items ranging from cheapest and coolest deodorants to shorts and flip-flops...etc. After getting all of those the maws started looking for some delicacies to gormandize in the hunt, Mr. Pushpak found his favorite Chicken Triple Schezwan Rice and the rest of us helped ourselves with PavBhaji. We were already running late and we rushed to CST where we were supposed to meet our friend Mr. Jhamlal and board the train.

One of our friends was to board the train from Thane. Luckily, we were able to convince the other people around us to swap our seats in other compartments with us so that all of us could together allow the rest of the passengers to rest in peace. Mr. Pushpak being a first-timer for Indian Railways was very excited to sit at the door but the weather was way too agreeable for that to be done.     Mr. Jignesh wanted us to witness crossing India's longest railway tunnel which was expected at around 3.30am and I am very frankly not too sure if he himself witnessed it. After a whole lot of babbling we went on hibernation at around 1.30am. Everyone put alarms in their not-so-smart phones but it was only to Mr. Jhamlal's credit that we could disembark the train at Margao at 7.30am.

No sooner had we stepped out of the station, we were surrounded by nearly a dozen of taxi-wallas offering varied rates for varied places. Owing to our smart negotiation skills (thanks to Mr. Late),

we were able to hire a Santro and an Activa at a reasonable rate. By this time one of the members Mr. Chinmay started feeling symptoms of nature's call and he wanted us to reach our hotel, Bondre Cottages in Calangute as soon as possible. Mr. Jignesh was denied from riding the Activa due to his extremely tardy riding skills and Mr. Pappu took charge. That was the time I realized even an Activa can fly : P

We moved on the world's most slender highway like gushing rivers and made it to the cottage in an hour or so, thanks to the navigator in our not-so-smart phones. Some preferred a nap, some the loo and some went out to fetch some food and beer.

At around 1pm, we set sails for the Calangute Beach. Upon reaching there, we had a tough time parking the vehicles, shopping for again cheap but cool volleyball and beach-shorts. Then we made our way to the beach and the first ever encounter was that of a handsome chomu saala ladis massage karana hai!! ;) After the obvious reply, we headed into the sands and started checking out the shacks so that our eyes didn't have much to complaint about later. The foreigners every time outclass the Indians in Goa. After around half an hour of bird-watching we found a team of two probably-gays, and three probably-Germans against whom we played a volleyball match which lasted for around 15 minutes when we were asked by the net owner to either stop or pay-and-play.

We chose to stop and went into the water. Mr. Pappu was the star of the moment with his fab-bod. After taking 5-6 dubkis we played volleyball in the water for a while and came out to dry. We changed and headed to the cottage to take proper shower. After shower and resting for a while we headed to Panajim, the capital city of Goa, in search of a party cruise and in the hunt what we discovered was one of the best in our trip The Casino Caravela.

Yes, a casino-cum-dinner buffet-cum-drinks buffet on a cruise for the whole night at an unbeatable price. We were a little late so we missed out some parts of the dance shows which were being organized, but the miss wasn't regretted much because what followed was ecstatic - One of my lifetime's best Chicken Tikka starters. We helped ourselves with don't know how many plates of it accessorized by fine drinks both hard and soft. With the number of burps rising, we decided to take a break and thought of checking out other facilities on the cruise The Casino and The Restaurant.

The Casino was good. We were given tokens worth INR500 each. A minimum of INR1000 was allowed in the American Roulette. So we formed duplets amongst ourselves and played. And hey guess what, the charm of the day, the birthday boy, the flying Maratha, Mr. Pappu won one round and helped us INR100 tokens each which we spent trying our luck at the Slot Machines. One and only Mr. Chinmay's lucks sparkled and rest of us doomed our coins.

Then with heavy hearts and empty stomachs we headed towards the Restaurant. The buffet spread was nice with a variety of starters, main-course and desserts both veg and non-veg. Following the trend of our working-in-an-organized-manner habit formed so far, we started with the desserts..: p

After trying and tasting almost all of them we hardly had space left to adjust anything else. We decided to take a stroll and come back later for more as the Restaurant was to remain open till 2a.m. We shared some deepest secret of our lives, which obviously cannot be shared here, for quite a while which eventually turned out to be an hour and then headed back to the restaurant where we had dinner again and celebrated Mr. Pappu's birthday, with an assorted desserts cake (courtesy: Mr. Chinmay and Mr. Pushpak) and the birthday song by everyone present in the restaurant. After all of this, we were left with nothing else to do on the cruise and hence we left for the cottage to get some beauty sleep to bank on it for the days to come & mind me, we are all amongst the lamest bankers in the world. We reached the cottage at around 4a.m and then I have frankly no idea who slept where, when and with whom..: p

NIGHT II (10-11th Jan 13):

Woke up at I guess 12 noon. Had our, so-called brunch at the Tulips Restaurant nearby. Came back to the cottage and everyone took a power nap which lasted for around 3 hours when we woke up at 4pm to leave for Baga Beach to play some Water Sports.

From among the choices, we decided to go for Paragliding and Banana Boating, due to budget constraints... ;) It was great fun, a lifetime experience. The water-phobic Mr. Jignesh came along with me and the nausea king Mr. Pushpak was assisted by Mr. Chinmay. Mr. Pappu and Mr. Jhamlal enjoyed solo flights. However, on way back Mr. Pushpak got rid of all his last night drinks and desserts and donated them to the great Arabian Sea. After the great experience we went for the Banana Boating where Mr. Pushpak didn't accompany us for obvious reasons. The experience this time was not that great because of a drunk and awkwardly behaved staff who actually should feel blessed to have saved his 2-3 teeth even after uttering the words he did. Lucky chap. We left the place, went to the cottage, freshened up a bit and left for the Aguada Fort, the one in Dil Chahta hai and a set target ever since i had watched the movie. After spending around 2 hours there, we headed for the Anjuna Beach – The Curlies and The Hippies in search of some party.

After spending over an hour there we left for Vagator Beach . The 9 Bar, which was deserted to our shock and hence we had to come back to Baga for some dinner and fun. We sat there for around 2-3 hours, had dinner, giggled and came back. Mr. Pappu and Mr. Jignesh were supposed to leave for Margao early morning to fetch tatkal tickets for us, so we slept early at around 3a.m.

NIGHT III (11-12th Jan 13):

Mr. Pappu and Mr. Jignesh left early morning at 8.45am to get the tatkal tickets. They reached the station at 9.30am sharp, thanks to the flying Maratha. But as expected they were too late and failed to get confirm tickets. Rest of us left the cottage upon receiving their call and headed towards Colva, which was our final destination before leaving Goa. What all happened on the way is not worth mentioning. We drove through a hot afternoon for over an hour to reach Colva.

Upon reaching Colva, we realized that moving from North Goa to South Goa is very similar to moving from Colaba to Bhandup in terms of very obvious objects : p

We met Mr. Pappu and Mr. Jignesh who were already there waiting for us. We went to the famous Kentuckee Beach Side Restaurant for some lunch and drinks and this was again among the finest times we spent at Goa.

We had prawns, chicken tandoori, some main-course and drinks but the time we spent there will simply remain unforgettable. We talked and talked our hearts out. By the time, Mr. Jhamlal and Mr. Chinmay booked a service apartment nearby with a swimming pool to our surprise at a price lower than that of the cottage at Calangute (the Colaba-Bhandup thing..: p).

We checked-in the apartment, threw our luggage, changed and jumped into the pool which was barely 4-4.5 deep. The drink though gave many a feeling of swimming into the English Channel. Some cases of sighting of blue whales and sharks were also reported to Mr. Chinmay by many of the group members in the swimming pool :p

After the so-called jal-kreeda (playing in water), we took shower and went into the room. Took a small nap. In the evening we went to the Colva Beach and sat on the cold sand with our legs buried deep into it, many still not out of the hang-over of the last drink (IMPERIAL BLUE BABA KI JAI) : p. We talked and no one would remember on what great global issues and for the first time did what we call as chilling out. After over 2 hours we again headed to Kentuckee due to lack of other good places in Bhandup, aka, Colva for some light supper and a small musical show. The singer was fab to say the least. We stayed there for another 2 hours or so and then headed back to the apartment. On way back, the alcoholics bought some more drinks to get over the previous hangover. The drink-talk party went on till 2-3am and then came the moment most unexpected and most memorable. Mr. Pappu exhibited some of his extraordinary skills which reminded us of the song Hey kala kala kala Bandar from the movie Delhi6ÂÂ� which I am sure not many would have watched. The moment will comprise Mr. Chinmay's nightmares for at least 26 coming years. All of us showered our love on each other in forms of kisses and what not for around half an hour and then went to sleep.

NIGHT IV (12-13th Jan 13):            

We woke up at around 11am. Few of us rushed to return the car and bike we had hired. Some waited for us at the apartment. Then we met at the Apartment in the afternoon. Meanwhile something not-so-important happened. We packed our luggage, booked bus tickets from a nearby cyber cafe and left for Margao. We had our bus at 6pm. We reached the bus depot by 5.30pm, had some mild snacks and got into the bus. The bus took us through the same slender highway and we reached Panajim, where we switched buses. Then we talked and giggled for some time and then went into hibernation, thanks to the cold weather and the comfortable bus. We woke up when the driver stopped at a half-star dhaba for dinner at around 11pm. We had some dinner and slept back. To our shock the driver again felt like having tea at 4am in the morning and he stopped again at a not-even-half star-dhaba. We just got down, thode halke hue and boarded the bus and slept again. Thanks to the lean and thin Mr. Jhamlal, I could sleep comfortably..: p

NIGHT V (13-14th Jan 13):

The night was all about the journey back. Some got down at Sion some at Andheri and Mr. Pushpak at Borivali. We all most probably reached our expected homes and slept like never before    


The trip will always remain close to all the six hearts and some who missed it due to a toy manufacturer and some just because they dint satisfy the gender requirements will have opportunities to make up for it in the days to come. To conclude I will just like to say two words- GO GOA!!

Avinash Srivastava



I will just repeat your last two words to express my feelings - GO GOA!!
Well inked Avinash.


Vishal Arora


Amazingly written Avinash


nisha kothari


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