Faridabad is the highly populous city in state of Haryana. It has wide road, tall building, malls, educational institutes and is greater industrial hub of Haryana. It is also famous for Henna production. Me and my parents decided to visit Parson temple which is located at Faridabad near Badkhal lake and is just hardly 32 km from Delhi.

It is very old and unique Maha Rishi Parshar Temple which is surrounded by Arawali valley and is well known as Maha Rishi Parshar Tapo Bhumi. Me and my parents in our own vehicle started the journey early at 9am on February 2016. We reached at 9: 40 am near the Badkhal Lake. Badkhal Lake is very famous lake in Faridabad where one can enjoy boating, see different species of birds and enjoy a beautiful breath taking views.


Before going to temple we decided to have some time to enjoy the fresh air and do boating, there is also an restaurant where we had some snacks, food and rested for a while and captured the beautiful Badkhal Lake view in camera. We spends almost  two and half an hour  there and as it was already too late we decided to go straight to temple.

Just before the entry of Lake at right side there is in built marks for the temple. All the way the area is covered with green trees and Arawali valleys. We got to see peacocks and lots of monkeys on our way, we have brought with us some bananas that we give it to monkeys. It just reminded me of the time when I have given parshad to monkey at Kangra Temple and he took it from my hand very nicely without harming me, but as these time they were more in number we have to just keep bananas at side of the path.

Finally we were able to reach our destination, where we prayed and got blessing from Gods and Goddesses. There is small pond near the temple known as Brahma Kund, where it is believed that one who took a dip in holy water get  rid away from all sins. For Men and woman there is separate facility for bath. 

As we were new to the area, priest  of the temple decided to show us the entire area. After worshiping we went along with priest to  see the village. It was great view to see waterfall, another Goddess Durga Temple and Dargah. It made us still believe in humanity where all religion peoples lives together peacefully in small village. After visiting the temple and seeing Dargah, as it was almost evening, we decided to go back to our house.

On next day we went to see Surajkund Mela, which is very famous International Craft Mela. It is one of the greatest fair organized by Haryana Govt in the month of Feburary for 15 days.It comprises of artists from all over the world, to show there handcrafts, dances from there respective states and countries. It is visited by 1.2 millions visitors ,  and every year fair is organized  on different themes showing Indian culture and there crafts. 

In morning we enjoyed dances, songs by artist on main choupal, and at 12.00 there is short break to buy items and eat food. We went to eat  the food, in various food stalls, namely from Rajasthan. In evening we decided to purchase some items. All crafts work of different states and countries were organized well in four zones. After purchasing some items, we went back to home. We had a wonderful time at Surajkund Mela and in Faridabad, making us to visit once again in Faridabad.

Sonia Singla