Sun was as performing at its best, heat was draining my energy, salts were precipitating all over my skin. While was sneaking slowly towards the college's secret back entrance although stuck to me as "Why can't they construct a swimming pool where I could jump in every break I get and cool down my body?, Cant Winter come in Thajavur?"

Suddenly that old idea crossed my thoughts, the very pleasing idea, to explore Himalayas. It is the idea I was obsessed with, since very long.

I kept on musing while walking towards the classroom, my photo-sensitive skin was tanned due to extreme exposure to Sun. I can recollect that the last time I went to my home, at the end of my 6th sem, neighbours told me I was very fair in my childhood days.

I was very fascinated to see Himalayas. My grandmother went on pilgrimage to Gangotri, Badrinath, and other nearby areas, when I was 2 years old, and I grew up listening to her fascinating stories. I started thinking all those sitting in the classroom. I was a selective listener to the lecturers as they had very poor presentation skills to grab our attention and were not capable to eat my genuine interests in the subject.

That night and many upcoming nights, I started dreaming my tour to Himalayas. I contacted travel agencies, mailed them, and chatted with experienced professionals. Collected data and saved notes in Evernote app.

After one month, after completing 4 years in Thanjavur, last week May '12, I was at younger brother's, at Patna.

It was around morning 5 AM, I guess. I saw myself in Shan.gri-La, while dreaming. A valley of enchanting peace, where you can find Nirvana, where mind, body and soul reaches to its natural state, you feel eternal bliss. I found myself in that valley, blossomed with amazing flowers, small plants, huts scattered, a bit similar to Shire where Hobbitses dwelled. In that dream, accompanied with one college friend, we were crying out of joy. There, I met the girl, and I became fond of her, in the first sight. We roamed across the valley amidst the carpets of beautiful flowers. If it can be made possible in real life, I would love to meet her.

She was the perfect projection of my sub-conscious mind for a girl with whom, I can settle down for my entire life. When you squeeze the central-part of a fully bloomed lotus flower near to your nostrils, you will get a heavy fragrance, she smelt like that.

That morning, was a very fresh one. I was able to feel blood pumping through my heart with joy. Next day, I had an appointment with a doctor, who ran several tests, I had low metabolism, was unable to digest spicy foods. Was suggested for physical activity. And, I found my paths clearing away. It was not much harder to convince parents, after that. After, a week at home in Siwan, first week of June, with enough cash in hand, with a torn air-bag(meant to be thrown, after buying a new one) filled with some clothes, edibles, accessories, no Passport, and some acquaintances in Nepal written on pieces of papers, I headed towards India-Nepal border, at Birganj.

Please read the next post.... Coming Soon!!!

Ravi Babu

Vishal Arora


Nice one dude...I can see a great travel story in making.....waiting for your next blog :)

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Mukesh Singh


Very nice written buddy....So where were you finally heading to?? Probably you will disclose this in next post.....

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