A historic maritime city, renowned for Clifton Suspension Bridge, John Cabot Discoverer of the route to North America from Bristol on his ship Mathew and SS Brunel, first ocean liner.
It ranked amongst the top three English cities after London, alongside York and Norwich for half a millenium from the 13th century.

To Do

1. Visit the Floating Harbour famous for keeping water level constant irrespective of by the state of the tide on the river.

2. Clifton Bridge a masterpiece designed by Brunel on the cliffs of Avon gorge. It throws a picturesque view of the city and  the Avon gorge valley.There is a museum housing antiques narrating stories associated with this famous bridge, and a detailed 10 mins video clip regarding the history of the construction of this bridge.

3. Clifton Observatory and the Giant cave - Mesmerising view of the valley.

4. SS Brunel and Matthew - The SS Brunel has been marvelously restored to its past glory. Matthew, a replica of the streamer used by Cabot to sail across atlantic to discover North America.

5. Bristol Zoo gardens

What's Special

Bristol is an amazing place to visit because of its share of great travelling expedition stories. The Floating Harbour is a gem of place,a mere walk around the harbour is good enough to revive the glorious past of the harbour in ones heart.

Bristol also showcases, the Clifton tower, a wonder created by Brunel (his first of many such bridges). The tower acts like a cherry on the beautiful cake for the panoramic Avon Gorge Valley. To add to the entire aura, is the river Avon which flows below it. One can see the entire Bristol city from the bridge, an amazing view. Overall a great place to visit if you love witnessing historical places and glorious british era.

Hari K