Vancouver, a well known city in Canada(Beautiful British Columbia), is also known as heaven in Canada because of its most ambient climate as compared to the other parts of canada.
I feel lucky enough to get chance to explore (at least) some part of it.
First of all I we entered the beautiful city via sea route. As we enter the channel, the so gate of the channel opens to give way for our ship, the gate is actually a bridge which is used by trains to cross the sea side, when ship approaches the trains are stopped at one end, then the bridge's moving part slides up and then our ship passes, it feels like a King is passing and all other people just give way for the King.
Vancouver is divided into two parts viz- North Vancouver and South Vancouver.
But most of the attractions are there in south Vancouver, Gastown, downtown, Granville island, Aquarium,etc.

Our first place of attraction was Gas town, a place named after the world's first Steam clock made in 1870. The clock's component part costs around $42,000 and the clock weighs over two tons.
After that we went to the theater which is known as Granville island, it is planned like a beauty, when we were roaming around we found that there was hardly any dust in the environment, one can lie down on the road with new clothes without having to worry about dirt sticking to it. In short its very neat and clean.

As I learnt in movies about the downtown and night life of the city, so we planned to experience it from close, so we went to Downtown luckily we got some free passes for one of pubs in the area named Post Modern, we went there, had some drinks and dance, did full enjoyment, and after that came back to the ship at 6:00 am in morning and went to work by 8:00 am sharp.
Our next visit was one of the most admired places called Grouse Mountain, a mountain fully covered by snow in winters, it was one of the most exiting day over the months spend on ship, we just went there on the mountain, forgot   everything, and enjoyed like kids. We did the so called skiing, played with ice, walked all over the mountain(as much as we could before getting tired) in search of polar beers, but unfortunately as we were there for first time, so we could not locate them due to insufficient time we were left with. As we came back, we had some hot cup of cappuccino, after that came back to our home i.e. ship.

Next visit was The Suspension Bridge. It is same like we have Ram Jhoola and Lakshman jhoola in Rishikesh, India, the difference being Ram n Lakshaman jhoolas are made to join banks of river Ganaga, whereas Suspension bridge joins different trees in the forest, (and also the bridge joins the banks of a river named Capilano which is cosidered to be very old) and is larger than the former jhoolas. When one walks on the bridge, it feels like its shaking a lot, one just cant dare to run on the bridge.
Then we visited aquarium of the city which was again very eye catching. 

Praveen Kumar Mishra

Vishal Arora


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