Imagine a situation wherein the village which was your home would become an island disconnected from the neighboring villages, thanks to some government projects.

We, as city dwellers are oblivious to such happenings, but in an attempt to supply ever growing cities with water and power, villagers somewhere have to pay the price.

Most of us are aware of Jog falls and many of us have been there. Situated some 400 kms from Bengaluru, in western ghats, Karnataka, jog falls is a major tourist attraction. About 40 kms away is a village called Sigandur. Once well connected by road to its Taluk Headquarters, Sagar, areas around Sigandur got submerged in water, when a reservoir was planned to hold Sharavati river's water.

Sigandur is famous for its Chodeshwari temple.

Reaching Sigandur by road from Sagar side involves taking a ride in a barge, operated to ferry people around. Buses and cars and local vehicles are transported across the backwaters in barges. Despite loaded fully with vehicles, the barge was very stable. Some drivers hesitate to move their cars on board, but I didn't feel the need to worry.

Some images below.

View of the island, which was once connected by road but now an island

Tata aria getting on board the ferry

Another ferry from the island, carries a bus as well

Do visit Sigandur if you're visiting Jog Falls. Honnemaradu is another destination nearby.

Shrinidhi Hande