"Like a bird I shall soar into the wide expanse of the sky,

Higher and higher I will to fly, until I reach the zenith I shall try."

How many a times have we wished the wings on us! Wishing a flight of independence and jubilation. It is of no surprise that humans have, as always, found a way to turn dreams into reality. Yes, mate, I am talking of paragliding, the closest an ordinary human can get to flying.

If you're an adventure sports junkie like me, come on board, I'll give you glance over the best places for paragliding in India.

1. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

The host for the First World Cup, Paragliding, Bir Billing is the paragliding capital of India. Located in the Jogindar Nagar part of Kangra Valley, the take off is at the meadows in Billing. After about 30 minutes, you'll land 15 km away, in the village of Bit at an altitude of 2600 metres.

2. Kunjapuri, Uttarakhand.

Experience dazzling twilight scenes at the paragliding capital of Uttarakhand as you fly across numerous peaks through dawn or dusk. Its behooveful location in the Sivaliks gives you a vantage point when you glide through the Himalayas, the reflection of sunlight creating sparkling pictures all over your mind.

3. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu.

This hilly town located in Vellore, more precisely Vaniyambadi Tirupattur, had three take off points at about 450, 550, 600 metres above sea level. There is a paragliding club which provides trainers and professional gear. It also hosts annual paragliding festival at Yelagiri. It's a different kind of experience away from the usual snow while you paraglide.

4. Sikkim.

A small Indian state, Sikkim is slowly emerging as the ultimate paragliding destination of India. Home to excellent launching ridges and mind-boggling sceneries, Sikkim gets a heavy international footfall. If you're visiting Sikkim for paragliding, Fly Sikkim will organise everything for you. They claim to offer some of the best pilots as far as paragliding in India is concerned. So, rest assured, you'll be in safe hands while devouring in the breathtaking sceneries of the majestic Himalayas strewn with tiny hamlets all over.

5. Bedni Bugyal, Uttarakhand.

A Kumaon Himalayan meadow in the Chamoli area of Uttarakhand, Bedni Bugyal is heaven for high flyers at an altitude of 3,354 metres. Get a jolt of adrenaline when you fly at that peak height over bright, snow capped peaks and wide expanses of a greenery.

6. Nandi Hills, Bangalore.

A prime Indian location for any aero sport, Nandi Hills offers you a quintessential experience at 1478 metres above sea level and 68 km away from Bangalore. A lovely landing strip can lead you to Bangalore's Hebbal Lake.

7. Maharashtra.

This state is a paragliding hub with numerous beautiful locales offering you a chance to fly. The view from the top is a cocktail of forts from the bygone era, the urban housings, top edge styles and pure natural beauty is an elixir to the eyes. There are several paragliding spots in Maharashtra at Kamshet, Pavana, Lonavla, Materhan, Panchgani and Purandar.

Please maintain safety precautions and listen to your instructors.

Happy landing!

Photo Credits: Google and Flickr.

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