After a series of debates between scenic mountains and beaches, we decided to choose world's best beaches in Hawaii. Thus we decided to spent our golden honeymoon period at Maui Island in Hawaii. 

We arrived at Kahului Airport, Maui at night. Airport was full of vacationist and a touch of cool breeze was felt everywhere we were heading. I was amazed to see the airport mostly populated by people from eastern part of the world (Japan, China), later realized that world is round and we were at west most part of the world so it was reasonable to see people from nearby destination. People warmly welcomed us by saying ALOHA (Hawaiian way of saying Hello). We both were on cloud nine. Due to some website confusion we were unable to board the shuttle to our resort but thanks to the airport staffs who helped us from rebooking to boarding the shuttle to Kapalua resort. It was completely dark outside. By the time we reached our bay villa it was late midnight. I will always cherish that amazing sound of the Pacific Ocean we were hearing while unlocking the doors.

                        Picture1: Backyard of our villa.

Morning was a blissful present for both of us. I woke up and saw paradise in front of me. I forgot my tiredness and decided to touch and feel the beauty lying in front of me - "the silently running blue Pacific".

                         Picture2: Very first view. 

Overjoyed, we jumped out from bed and decided to swim in ocean. July was the perfect time to do so. We spent the whole time there playing with sand and water  and forgot that we were grown up adults. But I think that was the real fun of Honeymoon. There were many exotic restaurants nearby serving Asian and local cuisines but we preferred home delivery most of the time.

In our neighborhood there was an Indian couple residing who helped us during a raining evening when we were outside our locked condo? It could have turned into an adventurous  night if they wouldn't  have been there because we had  left our mobile phones inside the house and we were bare footed without the key to the villa. With their help, we called an assistant who came and unlocked our door. There were many series of events we had had experienced but this was the most recallable one.

Finally, it took us 3 days to realize that we were actually living in such exotic location. From 4th day we started exploring some very nearby places. There were huge number of travel packages provided by our resort but we decided to leave most of the things for future visits.

Brief description about  Maui, Hawaii:

Hawaiian Islands are total 8 in number and among all 8 islands , Maui, Oahu and Big Island are the perfect destination to visit. But we will suggest Maui for first time honeymoon couples. Maui is second in area but nothing can beat its beauty and serenity. Best part is that is is mostly comprising of youth population.

There are more than 50 tourist attractions. Few major attractions are: Road to Hana, Haleakala National Park, Kapalua beach, DT Fleming beach, Dragon Teeth, and Kaanapali beach. Our resort was located in the northwest part of the island. The resort was neck laced by white sand beaches from one side and golf courses from another.

                         Picture 3: Kapalua beach.

Experience with Kapalua Beach:

It was titled America’s best beach at some year and I am going to accord with that because at that point of time the place had exceeded our wildest imagination about how it will be to live right in front of an Ocean, hearing its roar, lying peacefully on our bed , lost in thoughts..  It's  seclusion from all other beaches in the pile was another distinguishable thing . It was a perfect place for sunbath. From this beach the great Pacific seems to have a split personality, in morning it  looks like an Angel whereas at night it resembles to an enormous black Demon. We generally used to go for night walks.

                         Picture 4: Another portion of Kapalua resort , the longest rocky trail across the ocean is Dragon 


Dragon Teeth:

This place comes after the famous DT Fleming beach. From our place a long trail towards DT Fleming lead to Dragon teeth. I would advice tourists to wear their sport shoes while heading towards there. At the back was a huge golf course and a very famous  hotel Ritz Carlton.

                        Picture 5: Almost at the edge of Dragon Teeth.

DT Fleming Beach:

This beach was famous for activities like snorkeling, surfing and sometime swimming. It was a family beach, majority of the population were kids and there parents with extremely high enthusiasm to dive unlike our mothers, I remember my mother always put an eye on me whenever I tried swimming on river Ganga.


                         Picture 6 : DT Fleming beach.


The whole Kapalua resort has many villas owned by Hollywood stars and has ample of restaurants and recreational facilities. Our 8 days of stay there was like a marvelous dream. Before I stop inking I would like to say that this train of traveling and love hasn’t stopped after this destination. We have continued our exploration to our dream places though honeymoon has its own remarkable value.

Sagorika Roy

Vishal Arora


Lovely blog and picture Sagorika...




Great travel ink...You must have had an amazing and memorable experience in Hawai...Thank you for sharing such a lovely travelogue to our readers.