There are many festivals in India which are just  amazing one among these is Hemis festival of Ladakh.

India is a country of different regions with its language, festivals, religions, casts. One among many is Hemis Buddhist Spirtual Festival celebrated every year at Ladakh (J & k) India, situated at 3500m above mean sea level. Hemis Gompa, an second largest richest and ancient Buddhist monastery in Ladakh(J &K) , hosts two days festival on the 10th day of the Tibetan Lunar month in remeberance of  birth of Padma Sambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhist and tourist's from all over the world comes here to attempt the celebrations.

Hemis Gompa situated at a distance of about 50km from Leh, can be approached by Air and Road. The flights are directly connected from Delhi, Srinagar and Jammu for Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. By road there are two options, one from Srinagar to Leh through Kargil, approx. 434 kms from June to Novemeber and second from Manali about 473 km through desert plateau Rupsho and high pass Taglangla open from May to September.  The best and pocket friendly way of travelling is public buses which have fixed route and schedule, comfortable and convenient.

Travelling to Ladakh by Road is most adventurous and thrilling passing through Himalayan Range, Zanskar range mountains, barren and snow clad. All along the way, colorful life style, small settlements, Tibetans  flags, bells and monasteries can be seen.

During the festival locals dressed up in colorful traditional clothes men in cummer bunds which is sash worn around the waist bunds, women in vibrant headwear and neckful jewelry made of silver, gold and gems join in or make their way to the festival celebrations.

The lamas perform sacred masked (lions and other animals) dance, called chaam, accompanied by  musical drums , long horns and cymbals. This is most popular and mysterious form of celebrations, practising Vajrayana teachings of Tantric Buddhism.    

Sonia Singla