Isle of Skye, located at the north of Scotland, is a picturesque place, surrounded by sea and grand Cullin's mountain range, is a Driver's paradise.It is typically famous for tourism and its whiskey distillery plants :-). It offers everything a traveller can wish of. The Main attraction sites are - Portree, Kilt rock, UIg, Cullen's Hills, The Storr Range and Elgol.


Skybridge connects the Isle of skye to Scotland mainland. This artistically designed bridge over 'Loch Alsh' was publicly opened in 1995. The drive over this bridge is an experience in itself; the cold breeze of the sea and the beautiful 'Loch Alsh' just makes it more fun to drive over this bridge. (Probably the the closest similar kind of experience in India would be on the Bandra-worli sea link, Mumbai).

Loch Alsh and Skybridge

It is a small beautiful town situated at the southernmost point of Isle of Skye. It is beautifully cradled in natures lap , surrounded by the Cuillin range on one side and sea on other. One can get ferries rides across the sea at the port of Elgol, allowing the tourists to explore the panoramic beauty of  cuillin mountain range and the vast blue sea. Another fascinating aspect is the 4 hours drive to reach the port of Elgol from the skybridge, one has to  drive past the cuillin range, enjoying the spectacular landscape, and if one is lucky  the sheep and yak in between as well.

Port of Elgol

Collin Range

UIG and Kilt-Rock
It constitute of some of the most impressive sites in isle of skye like the Quiraing range, Storr range, the Kilt rock. Quiraing and Storr presents the adventure freak souls some of the best breathtaking cliffs for mountain climbing, and if one really has zest for that extra mile, you have the  Kilt rock!!!!.

Kilt Rock and Quirang Range

Kilt Rock and Storr Range

Portree is the largest town in Isle of skye offering a picturesque harbour and amazing coastline. One can relax at this place and enjoy the charming sea view . Tourist can get  boat services to enjoy the sea. The town also offers range of eating points, having variety of food from Chinese to Indian to authentic Scottish buffet.

Portree Coastline

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