An desire to see unseen amazing, wonderful powerful Nature (Planet Earth) mobilized me to go to Mani Mahesh peak of the Himalayan Range. An unforgettable experience of climbing mountain 4080m above mean sea level. 

On 15th August 2014, sunny and holiday, I along with my two friends started from Faridabad  in a hired car via Pathankot for Dalhousie an historical city in the Himalayan range, highly popular to the tourists. After night halt at Dalhousie, in the early morning after having packed breakfast and lunch, we moved forward for the destination via Chamba, city on the bank of river Ravi, Bharmour town of 84 ancient temples, where we broke our  journey and stayed for a night in the rented tent after paying reverence to the various deities at Bharmour temples.

Next day after having breakfast, early morning  17th August, we stepped further and after covering about 13kms, reached  Bhanrlour, nearest road head to Hadsar village, where we had to park our car. From there on, started the real adventurous tough journey/trekking, 14 km  on foot to reach final destination of Mani Mahesh Lake.   

We walked about 6km through open and flat meadow land and reached Dhancho, an temporary stoppage/place, famous for waterfalls and natural caves having religious importance connected with lord Shiva and Demon called Bhasmasur.

After strolling around and  taking breakfast, we started an uphill task of crossing Dhancho waterfall practically crawling like a monkey and there after climbing steep zigzag rocky paths about 6km along flowered meadows, wild medicinal herbs and Birch trees in the vicinity. Trekking in the last reach was of high risk to life through glaciers, streams, waterfalls, lake known as Gauri kund and further from here we walked through the grassy ridges and finally touched the holy place of Mani Mahesh Lake by late evening. After arranging rented tent accommodation, having  packed dinner and resting for a while,  we preferred to have glimpse of an unique phenomenon of seeing moon rays in the lake as per saying that Mani Mahesh signifies a jewel(Mani) on Lord Shiva's (Mahesh's) crown  head indicating moon and serpent around Shiva's neck, thus fulfilling one desire before going to sleep on the side of lake in the rented tent. 

On 18th August, we wake up after listening to the echoes of chanting's of Shiva, another wonder was waiting for us after bath/dip in the holy lake, when the first rays of the sun fell upon the Mani Mahesh Peak, were visible in the Holy lake in the form of Saffron Tilak, fulfilling of another desire and finally it was achieved on seeing through telescope, Lord Shiva having moon on his head and serpent around his neck with his family Goddess Parvati, Ganesha .

We all the friends, after praying and having done breakfast,  fully satisfied, cherished, chilled and thrilled started back our journey along the hazardous path again passing through glaciers, waterfalls, fountains and streams upto village Hadsar, where the car was parked, got into the car, raced to  Chamba city and on the way came across river Ravi and its tributaries. After reaching Chamba and visiting Lakshmi Narayan Temple there, reached Dalhousie crossing through Chir, Diar, Kel and Sal  trees in the vicinity. After night stay at Dalhousie, rushed back to Faridabad after having meals on the way.





Sonia Singla