Kolkata embodies true love for culture and glorifies heritage that this city has witnessed over years. Kolkata as a city is beyond just streets, lights, buildings, infrastructure, bricks and mortar. It is a city with a soul, a city flooded with emotions and most importantly a city that is a reflection of its people. Kolkata heritage lies in taking a stroll in Maidan, catching up with long lost friends over a cup of tea in Babu Ghat, taking a ride in Kolkata trams or even visiting places on our old favourite yellow metred taxis.

People with a strong love for Kolkata heritage will obviously bask in the glory of attributes that give Kolkata its distinct identity and flavour. For them, coming of age call cabs is a big reason to worry because they might have to kiss goodbye to their old favourite yellow cabs. Well, not anymore because yellow cabs are back with a bang. Kolkata’s favourite taxis have been able to make its presence by incorporating a few additions and making a few modifications.

We give you reasons why yellow taxis should be your first option when availing cabs in Kolkata.

No Hidden Costs – Yellow cabs are metered taxis and customers need to pay the amount that shows in the meter.  There is no scope for customers to flaunt their bargaining skills because you pay what the meter shows. Unlike several other radio taxis in Kolkata, they might offer attractive discounts to get sale. But customers eventually realised at a very later stage that there were lots of hidden costs. All these hidden costs clubbed together actually charged them a bomb. In comparison to all this, yellow taxis are a lot simpler when it comes to monetary transaction while taking a ride. 


Taxi Drivers Know the City Well – Relief of hopping into a yellow taxi knowing that you will reach your destination well within time is unmatched. Yellow taxi drivers have been in this business for the longest time span. This implies that they know this city inside and out. So in case you are unaware about streets but need to reach a particular spot, be rest assured that your taxi driver would know the route, perhaps better than you. You will come across several radio taxis which are doing the rounds now, but those taxi drivers lack proper knowledge about streets of this city. Since they are new to this business, they are not aware of every nook and corner of Kolkata.

Has a Brand Connect with People of Kolkata – Yellow taxis are synonymous with Kolkata heritage. It is indeed unfortunate to see them go away and become obsolete. Thanks to their ability to adapt to the current trends, it is one of the most well celebrated modes of communication in Kolkata. People are used to taking a round in these taxis because they have a brand connect with these cabs.

So make your journey more relatable and connect to the time when this part of the city was called Calcutta! 

Prabir Kumar