Well,this was a spot that we chose to go to after reading about it in the newspaper! It was a 3 day trip.Kudremukh is 4 hours from Mangalore. We started from Coimbatore by train and reached Mangalore in the wee hours.We were a group of  15 people and had booked a tempo before hand to travel from Mangalore. Our first stop was at the forest office to get permit for the trek next day. Then we reached the base Kalasa after 4 hours and checked into Suprabha Residency.It is a decent place to stay and very economical at the same time.

         Day 1 we went to a waterfall spot which was kind of private (organised by the hotel people).It took us around an hour to reach the place.After which we had walk down to reach the waterfalls(was like a mini hill trek). The pool around it was small...with some type of weird spider swimming in it. But that never stopped us from going to the falls. We even got a chance to see a green snake. After an hour or so we left the place and went to dine t a really beautiful house. The couple who stayed there were making a living by organizing treks around Kudremukh. We all got on to the terrace for sometime and later played football for in the ground by their house. After dinner , we had a campfire and also got to meet  their dogs!

Then we left to our hotel. Next day morning we had to leave by 4.30 to Kudremukha ! We started around 5 a.m and reached the base of the mountain. People around told us that we’ll have to walk for about half an hour to reach the guide’s residence. But it turned out to be a 7 KM mini trek to the guide’s house. We reached there around 8 A.M . Had we started a little late the jeep service to the “real ” base camp would’ve been available. But nevertheless we got to drink tea and coffee prepared using the firewood . We asked them to prepare lemon rice for each one of us so that we don’t starve during the trek. We were told that if we are all quick enough we might get back by 6.30 p.m (if we start at 9 AM). We started around 10 a.m . The trek was easy for the first 2 hours until we reached the first hill. We stopped for lunch break under a huge tree


And continued with our trek post lunch. On our way to the peak we found a small spring where we refilled our bottles. We were all dead tired and by the time we got back to the first hill it was 5.30 p.m and we still had a long way to go. We quickened our pace and thanks to the old man (thatha)who was our guide , because without him we wouldn’t have made it to the base camp safe as we didn’t have torches with us. And we had to use our phone torches, yelling for thatha to wait for us time and again with the funny part being none of us could understand his language and he couldn’t understand ours!


 It became pitch dark, and believe me, this was the BEST part of the whole trek with stars so close to you and all the randomness involved with ten of us using 3-4 cell phone torches. We reached the base camp around 8 p.m and left to the starting point where our tempo was waiting for us by a jeep. We reached the hotel at 10 p.m and ate to our fill! The only time of the day we got to eat proper food.

Next day we left kalasa around 11 p.m and reached Mangalore around 3 p.m. We had our lunch there and left to Sultan Batheri beach. History says that the Sultan of this place had many wives and he used bring them to this place to kill them! You get to this place by a boat, for which the service stops by 6 p.m.


We left this place by 5.45 p.m and left to the railway station. And it was the end of an amazing trip.

Radhika Sundaresan