A mesmerising city, with a beautiful coastline, having the famous Albert Dock, a World Heritage monument and the Cavern Club house of Beatles.

To Do

1. Visit Cavern Club and get a feel of the Rock culture of town. The music is played throughout the day with and one can find live performances in the evening. The walls of the clubs are are very interestingly noticeable. People have scribed on each and every stone, and ensured that they are part of the history.

2. Albert Dock It is a grand and emphatic sea facing building, having a wartime tale to take pride of. Also liverpool is the home of the Beatles Museum, Liverpool-Eye (very similar to London eye), Merseyside Maritime Museum (If one is lucky, he/she can catch one-actor play about experiences of passengers on Titanic/Lusitania /Empress of Ireland), BT Convention centre.

3. King's Parade and Queen's Parade - One of the best walks by sea side

(Though my personal favourite will always be the Marine drive and Badra Seashore)

4. For soccer freaks : it is the house of LiverPool Soccer club.

5. Liverpool cathedral: A monster kind of monument, grand and elegant.

6. Chinatown : Get an authentic feel of china in the Heart of Great Britain, a street inhabited by the people of china from the time the medieval trade travels that started between china and UK. One can un-arguably get the best of chinese food in britain in this area.

7. Walker Art Gallery, World Museum: It has amazing range of  display of pictures, sculptures and cultural artefacts.

What's Special

Liverpool is a vibrant place full of fun and music. Walking in town experiencing the culture is something in itself. One can listen to some of the best rock compositions at Cavern. Eat some the best Brits offer. In short for me Liverpool offers everything one wants in life.

Hari K