It won’t be wrong to say that London is one of the most beautiful world. And it is even so more happening on weekends.  During my stay in UK I was a frequent visitor of the city and on a special note loved the The Tube and The Thames.

So summarising the fun of various weekend trips here are my top 3 and not to miss in London.

Fun Friday at Canary Wharf
If you want TGIF literally into life London is the place to be and it offers the perfect blend of Pubs & discs. And my destination for a Friday night is Canary Wharf,  the Tech-Finance hub of London. It is a picturesque place at Thames river surrounded by skyscrapers & amazing pubs at river banks.
Sparkling reflections of the array of lightened modern structures  and the cool river breeze adds to the overall aura of the place.

Saturday  at Thames
Give a kick start to your weekend with amazing  breakfast near the river bank restaurants around London-Eye. And, then one can  enjoy the walk around the river banks. There are many  street artists displaying their skills to the commoner and makes the entire experience very nice and different. After that you can go for a visit to the Big-Ben and an river cruise on Thames.

Sunday at Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is the place to be on weekends, the fountains, the statues, the pigeons  and the assembled people gives a very unique identity to this site. You can typically say that it is the hub of people celebrations and demonstrations.One can peacefully enjoy chilled beer at the pubs facing the Trafalgar Square and then head towards Buckingham palace.

P.S. The best transportation mode at London to visit these awesome place is 'The Tube', followed by the Double Decker buses.

Hari K

Mukesh Singh


beautiful images Hari and a great read...Tx for sharing :)