More than a traveler, she wanted to become a storyteller. A storyteller who did not believe in to what people said, but actually saw it with those still young eyes. Someone rightly said, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in the pages of the passport.” Souls riding through plains and hills, oceans and beaches. Bags packed and unpacked. Half torn packets of food and adventure on mind. Even the adrenaline rush in the soul looks so perfect in a new city, a new world.

Meher Moos or Meher Megellan Moos is a solo woman traveler who traveled across 180 countries over half a century. In 50 years of travels, she had many bizarre encounters and all her adventures have taken her everywhere. She started her journey as a when she was merely a girl of 20, hired by Air India in 1965. She started travelling at a time when people could not think about widespread use of telephones and letters were the only way of communication. On the other side of the world, there was a the polarization of the cold war and America was under the Vietnam war. As a matter of fact, the Indian society would never permit a woman to travel alone.

Being a tourist official in the Air India, gave a boost to her travelling passion and her thirst for travel could not be satisfied. Her travel stories range from Camping in the middle of Pacific, living with the pygmies in Congo to trekking up to the burning volcano in Vanuatu. She used to finance all her travels by going for years without holidays, saving up her leaves and then expanding it for long drawn trips, for example – a 6 months journey through Africa or travelling to Marco Polo’s route to central Asia.

There were many times that she went to a trips that were a result of invitation by some famous explorer like coming on board to visit Antarctica. Her travel list include places like Tajikistan, Jordan, North Korea, Burundi, Brunei etc. Once Meher said,” I want to go somewhere where no one else has before, where there is danger still interest. The more remote, the more inaccessible, the better.” She agrees to the fact that the trips were expensive. However, she managed it through savings, sponsorship and complimentary airline tickets and loans.

All her 18 passports are labeled and named except the 8th one, which has been misplaced. Before starting her journey, she used to research at the Asiatic Library as she knew how to read the “World Airways guide.” In july, she leaves for an 3 months adventure across North America although she is 70 years old and has weakened her eye sight.

She takes on the fact that London is her favorite place where she loved the theater and the English country side. She says that she will exchange travel only for more travels. Her flare for exploration with her extrovert nature insured that she would go on to make the most of her travelling passion. She also joined the tourism department but was deployed to Lumbini. She is among one of those women who have had the chance to meet Dalai lama in Dharamshala.

She has also showcased a no. of films on her travel journey. Her every trip holds a unique prospect and learning and she would never restrict herself to a single style of travelling. The trips not only brought her deepest desires to learn but also expanded her knowledge has she would not only tripped from lands but also minute art and culture. 

Ayushi Arora