So here you have a traveller who's all for short tours. This time around I'll be covering the small town of Malbazar. This is one trip that will combine the thrill of adventure with the tranquility of leisure.

Essentially a mere passing point for travelling from the plains to the hills, Malbazar can also host your travel bug with utmost care. Tucked away in the fertile soil of the Terai in West Bengal, this place is an equal mix of the buzzing city culture and the peace of a village.

Malbazar earned its name from the wholesale market that existed once. It was a selling point for all goods that were sent to markets all over North Bengal. Thus, it is only natural that the market is a pretty popular destination even now, though others have developed. For the shopaholic, let me tell you, the Malbazar Market is one where you will find exclusive pieces at very cheap rates.

The main attraction of the town is the Malbazar Park. You can't not be at the Park when you're here. Decked in the widest variety of flowers and plants, the Park is an elixir of sorts. You can even have your own DDLJ "Sarson ka Khet" moment captured here! If the mustard fields aren't appealing, go into the marigold garden to treat you're eyes. From huge orange ones, to the medium sized yellows, small red ones, and rare white ones, you get it all. The Park has its own nursery that might be opened for visitors at times.

If you're a spiritual one by nature, this town has something for you too. Even one with an eye for art and sculpture will also find an abode here. The Balaji Temple is not just another place of worship for residents and visitors alike. The unruffled atmosphere gets company in beautiful pieces of art throughout the temple. Even solitude seems unforced within this place. Roam around the aesthetically pleasing pillars. If the quiet gets to you venture out into the fields.

The best option would be to hire a car to ride into the suburban scenes. Drive to Gajoldoba to witness one scintillating view. Cross a stretch of rocky road and find yourself standing in front of the Neora River meeting a line of hills. This one is pure beauty! The gush of the river breeze, the tempestuous river, the serene hills are beset with some cosmic power to heal all your worries, troubles and stress. The barrage up north makes an already turbulent river ruthless at times. So keep your safety in mind at all times.

The Haat at Odlabari is the business hotspot and can offer you a pleasant walk some days. One delicacy you cannot miss out when here are the momos. People from nearby towns like Jalpaiguri and Coochbihar vouch for its glory!

AdiĆ³s! Until the next trip! Keep traveling and keep following InkMyTravel.

Picture credits: Flickr Images.