It was another long weekend when in Jan 2010 when me and ashish decided that it was time for another bike trip to Himalayas. The destination chosen for this trip was McLeodganj and visiting the monasteries in dharmshala nad meet dalai lama.


3 days for this trip was a bit less time. But neither of us wanted to take an office leave. We started on Friday morning. Got late I remember than our normal timings and started by somewhere around 8 am. Let me tell this trip was mostly about biking madly.


There was not much to give details of apart from the great food in dhabas and mustard fields of Punjab which brought up the feelings of mere desh ki dharti sona ugleā€¦ J


Amongst all this we kept driving and driving and reached Kangra by 7:30 pm in eveing. It was raining over there. Though we had been driving for last half an hour in light drizzle we decided to call it a day here and rented a hotel room in Kangra. By night time when the rain subsided we took a stroll in the beautiful town and had our dinner in one of the famous local restaurant cum dhaba.


Next morning was beautiful to watch the valley. But it was raining pretty decently if not heavily and continuously as well. We did not have any rain coats with us either. So we had to wait till 9 in morning for some local shop to open from where we could buy rain coats. And by 10 we were able to leave from kangra.


Hmmm let me give few more ahhhaaa points as this trip was mostly about surprises and probably nothing happened as per plan. So there had been heavy snowfall in regions of dharmshala and mcleodganj. Having no clue of this we rode and reached areas with snow. It was getting pretty tough to drive and probably only vehicle that could trudge little comfortably were 4x4 SUVs. There was a point where my bike had said complete no moving ahead and all it was doing was skidding.


Well we enjoyed our share of fun in the snow, had great paratha and coffee. And there could be nothing better than this in such weather. My personal opinion was to return from here. But ashish insisted that mcleodganj was only 3-4 kms and we should continue. After trudging along for another km or so we reached a point where snow had blocked the way and there was huge array of cars waiting for the path to be cleared by army. So this was the point basically where we decided to return.


In the midst of the hangover of biking in snow let me also add that the snow capped valley looked amazing to the eyes. The green and white trees, mountain houses and the water streams flowing with all stony regions covered were captivating in themselves.


When we started returning we thought about our initial idea of visiting the monastery and meeting dalai lama. This was a dejection point probably. Every thing else was fun. After coming some 25-30 kms down the hill we stopped at some local shops and asked for some other places to visit in the area.  One of the shop owners told us about the narbulingka monastery and it was some 5-8 kms from that point. We were not entirely convinced to visit this place but since we did not have much options available so decided to give it a shot.


Reaching the monastery was bliss though. It would a big foolishness not to visit it. The entire setup of the monastery seemed like some thing belonging to dreams and not real life. The courtyards were covered with the colorful letters and flags. There was greenery all around. It would be impossible to describe in word so I leave this task to pictures that I clicked.


I have always believed that best part of bike trips is that the entire journey is like destinations. And this trip of ours turned out to be a perfect example to this.

Vishal Arora



Great post, wonderful images.
But we must say riding bikes on snow in dangerous, so better be cautious Vishal. Happy traveling.

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My Say India


amazing Vishal !! Dharmshala rocks !! very very nice clicks !! i wonder how it is biking on snow ! :)

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