Chandigarh is most cleaned, beautiful city and union territory of  both states Punjab and Haryana. Coming to Chandigarh one can't forget to visit Rock garden which was founded by Nek chand's. It is situated in sector 1 and is about 1.5 km from Sukhna lake and can be reached by cab, buses and rickshaws.

In the foothills of Shivalik range lies a beautiful lake Sukhna which is 3km long and most attracted part it is man made lake and full of birds where people come to have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air and do boating, and water skiing. Sunset is amazing view to watch.

Rock Garden is well known for its creativity,  Teej and other various festival is celebrated with great enjoyment in the rock garden. It is just an amazing  and unique art by Nek Chand's, one can have much fun and can spent easily 2-3 hrs.

 It is spread over area of 40 acres and amazing thing it is completely made from industrial and home waste such as glasses, bangles, bottles, broken pipes etc.

It consists of about 5000  sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals which is completely amazing. It is divided into three phases. One phase comprises of status of various animals, birds and humans, second phase comprises of waterfall , miniature village and is attraction of visitors as many programs are held during various month of the year. 

Third phase have big statue of elephants and camel.

Our visit was filled with fun and enjoyment, we spend there almost 3 hrs seeing the rock garden and Sukhna lake, after taking rest for a while we packed our bag and started our journey back to home being fully satisfied.

Sonia Singla