Lohri is one of the famous festival of Punjab celebrated by the people of Punjab with lot of happiness, as it marks the harvest of rabi crops, end of winter, coming of spring and as New Year celebrations. In different states it is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Makar Sankranti in Bengal, Pihu in Assam and  Pongal in Kerala.

There lies an interesting story for the celebration of Lohri.  One person named  Dhulla Bhatti used to robbed the rich people and distribute the wealth to poor. He one saved poor girl from Kidnappers and married her after finding suitable husband in one night. People remember him for his kindness and celebrates this as Lohri day with full of joy and happiness.

 Group of childrens sang slogan "Dulla Bhatti ho! Dulle ne dhi viyahi ho! Ser shakar pai ho!" going from door to door and collects money, sweets and various nuts as Dhulla bhatti at that night was only able to give the girl a kilo bag of sugar as marriage gift to her.. 


All people of villages get together in  evening at one point where large bone fire is lighted and  people will sang, dance, worship and throws the offerings such as nuts, sweets, popcorns and sesame seeds and chant the slogan  Ishar Aye Dalidar Jaye, Dalidar Di Jarr Chule Paye making three rounds around bonfire.

We also got the opportunity to enjoys with them Lohri celebrations and various nuts and sweets, it was just joyful day filled with happiness. 

Sonia Singla