Well guys, Kashmir turned out to be a memorable trip and now I was in the bus heading towards the 2nd and the last phase of my much needed break i.e. AMRITSAR.
 Day 1
Our bus reached Amritsar @ 6am in the morning and felt the heat as soon as we came out of the bus, we headed straight to our hotel, kept our luggage and had our breakfast at a restaurant, we had some chole kulche accompanied by a glass of buttermilk. We checked what’s nearby and then came back to the hotel. We switched our clothes and we were all set to explore Amritsar, we decided to visit the golden temple and after that the jallianwala bagh
the golden temple is considered as the most prestigious gurudwara by the Sikhs, we reached there by 10am in the morning and trust me, I’d been to several gurudwara’s but this place had a different peace which can only be felt if you dwell into the depth of this place. 
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Seeing people organizing langers, serving food to people, polishing shoes not because they were poor or suffering from poverty but they did this because of the happiness.  
One of the member of the langer explained me about this noble deed. He said helping someone has always been a noble deed but helping someone knowing that he won’t be able to help you back is something out of the box felling. This deeply touched me, I had the langer too, they served the traditional pudi and sabzi with 2 types of chutneys and a glass of lassi.
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This was badly needed to beat the heat, after the lip smacking food, we explored all the parts of the gurudwara and it was 2 already, honestly I didn’t want to go but we had other plans too. 
So, eventually I bid a goodbye to one of my favorite places in Amritsar.  
Now we were heading towards the Jalianwala bagh. This place is famous for one specific event that took place back in 1919. There was a gathering of thousands of people out there and a General Named Edward Harry Dyer marched the arena with 100s of soldiers equipped with arms and ammunition and sealed the only gate of the park.
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And ordered open fire in the arena for almost an hour, thousands were killed and this was marked as the most tragic incident in the Indian History. 
We reached the park at almost 3:00pm and explored all the small details of the park, the park itself was huge but consisted of many parts. Some places were highlighted in the park like the main wall of the park still consisted of bullet holes which were fired by the British soldiers on the other hand you can find a well. People say that hundreds of people eventually jumped in this well in order to avoid death from the bullets of the British Soldiers.  
This seems a very heart aching story and somewhere in my heart I felt proud for all the Indian freedom fighters who gave up their lives just to ensure our freedom. 
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There were posters of some of the freedom fighters who all died in this event and certain stories and their past history was mentioned out there too. In an hour we were done with the exploration and sat there to enjoy in the park. 
It was 6pm when came out of the park and my stomach ached in hunger, I badly wanted some food, and we went to a local restaurant near the park and had the best chole bhature of our lives. Trust me if you ever visit Punjab, the chole bhature is not something you’d like to miss. 
Then as we were done with some food, we came back to the hotel and changed into comfortable clothes before going out for the dinner. 
For our dinner we choose a famous restaurant “Badhe bhai ka brothers dhaba”. Which is quite famous in Amritsar, it was jointly opened by 2 brothers but some years ago they split into two separate entities’. 
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We thought of giving it a go and trust me it was wonderful, I ordered their special thali which was one hell of a treat, accompanied by A king size chilled sweet lassi and in the sweet dish we had their famous Phirni.  
Day 2
Day 2 started as a normal day, we woke up somewhere around 9 am in the morning and headed to a local restaurant for our breakfast, I had a ham and cheese sandwich with a glass of orange juice, it was delicious. After that we came back to the hotel and my father enquired to the receptionist what else is there to explore in Amritsar? 
Then we got to know about the Wagha border, which is almost 31 kilometers away from Amritsar and is the official border of India and Pakistan.  
What makes this place special is the closing ceremony which is held daily in the evening time, it consists of dance, music, soldiers march and much more. We all found this place quite interesting and my father booked a cab to wagha border. 
We started getting ready and we left the hotel @1pm and headed straight towards the same restaurant where we had our last night dinner. We didn’t want to switch in between restaurants, so we choose the same one for rest of our journey.
We wanted to try something else so we ordered a plate of Palak corn, accompanied by dal makhani, garlic naan and fried rice.  Trust me you need to try the palak corn, it was something that I just can’t portray through my words, I genuinely loved it.
As we were done with our lunch, my father called up the receptionist who arranged for a cab and we’re in the car heading towards the wagha border. It took us 45mins to reach wagha border and approximately @3:30 we were seated in the stands and the ceremony was about to start in 30 mins.
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The ceremony started with great music, dance and soldiers’ march accompanied by a host who told us some general things regarding the wagha border and told us not to speak any slogan against our fellow mate Pakistan. 
The gates opened and soldiers from both the countries marched in front of each other. The cheers from the public spicing up the atmosphere.  
The event ended when both the nations flags were hosted down accompanied by the national anthem of both the nations. 
As the event ended, we had samosa nearby with a glass of chilled sweet lassi. You just cannot say no to a lassi as long as you’re in Amritsar.
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We called our cab driver, he came in a minute and we were on our way back to Amritsar, it took us an hour to reach Amritsar because of the traffic jam. We reached back to the place @ 7pm in the evening and headed straight to our hotel to have some rest before heading out for the dinner. 
We changed into comfortable clothes and headed towards the restaurant, we ordered a blend of things from the Chinese and the North Indian cuisine.   
Day 3
The 3rd day was the last day in Amritsar and the last day of my much needed break, I was thinking that how quickly time flew away and now I’ve to go back to Varanasi. 
Honestly I didn’t want this to get over so soon but I can’t do anything. We woke up quite late as compared to normal days, we had some chole bhature and a king size lassi in our brunch.
After that we went in for doing some shopping, I brought myself a Kurta, my mom and my sister brought Patiala suit for themselves. 
We had a train to catch @10pm, so we finished our shopping session super soon and headed to the hotel to pack things up and get ready to check out. 
Before checking out my father went to the same restaurant for the last time and ordered Palak corn and tandoori roti for our train journey and gave the waiter who has been serving us from the past 3 days, 1000 bucks. 
We checked out @8:30 and reached the station in an hour. The rain was right on time and I looked once and for last, just to realize the fact this is over now. 
We boarded the train and the train departed @ 10:15. We had our dinner and slept.  


Prashant Arora