It all started in the end of October, when me and my other fellow mates decided to find an escape from the normal college routine and guess what we ended on deciding for a GOA trip. Trust me guys convincing your parents for a trip in Goa with too being a fresher in the college is itself a valiant task. 
 We were going for the cultural fest of BITS, which takes place every year. So we engaged ourselves in some competitions to ensure our parents that we weren’t going there for fun, and eventually things came down pretty smoothly and my parents allowed me for the most awaited trip of my trip. 
 We soon finalized our trip by completing the ticket booking process and yes, somewhere down from the bottom of my heart I screamed, GOA IS ON. 
 Day 1 & 2 
So, the most awaited day was finally here, it was 2nd of November 2016, when we boarded our train from New Delhi railway station to Panaji railway station. I wasn’t able to sleep for a single minute I guess because of the curiosity that hid inside me. 
It was 8:30 when we boarded the train and the journey started, I’ve been daydreaming from a long time of this and today I was in the train heading to Goa. It’s very hard to portray what I felt but it was something which everyone would feel if they always desired of travelling to Goa. 
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It was a going to be a one hell of a journey, one of my mates screamed and we all were eagerly waiting for the train to reach Goa asap. After a tiring journey of 37 hours we reached Panaji railway station at 9:30 pm on 3rd of November. 
We all enchanted Goa Goa as we came out from the station, we were super excited about this trip and finally we’re in GOA, but then we calmed ourselves down and hired taxies for Vasco Da Gama where we’ve planned to stay and by the end of the day we’re relaxing in our specific hotel rooms. 
Day 3 
Day 3 started with the beautiful sunrise on the terrace paired with some cold breeze and a bottle of chilled beer, I would call this the perfect start I can ever get to a morning. After the perfect morning, we all started getting ready as we needed to report to the BITS campus before 10:00. We hurried and reached the campus by 9:45, and at 10:10 we were done with our registration process and were lurking on the campus streets. 
We divided our team according to the events we participated and headed towards our specific sections, we decided to meet at the common canteen after each and every one is finished with their particular events. 
It was 5:30 in the evening when I was done with my event of day 1 of WAVES, I went to the canteen and spotted my mates already sitting there, everybody started suggesting how to spend the rest of the day? Then suddenly a student from that college came to us and said why don’t you enjoy the DJ night which has been scheduled for today? We frequently asked Who’s the DJ? He said DJ Nucleya and we all stood stunned as Nucleya is a well renowned DJ all across India. 
We all agreed to this and stayed in the campus only and as the time progressed, we can see arrangements being made for the show. It was around 9:30 when Nucleya came in and pumped the show with the tipsy beats of Bass Rani and Raja Baja. We danced until we cramped out of pain and went to our hotel at 12:30 at night. So I’d say that my first day stay was quite memorable which will be remembered for a long time.
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Day 4 
So, Day 4 was here and it was the last day of the WAVES and we reported at the same time as we did the other day. We all headed towards our own specific competitions and waited for the results to come out. Our team participated in overall 5 competitions in which we claimed 1st position in photography competition and 2nd position in film making competition. After the award ceremony, we accumulated at the same canteen where we decided to meet yesterday and congratulated each other on winning specific competitions. Then we started our discussion on what to do to make this day remembered for a lifetime? Then we all came up with the same idea to enjoy the night life of Goa, and clubbing was the first thing which instantly hit our mind. We decided to go to the Titos club which is the most popular club in Goa. 
We went back to our hotel and got ready in 15 mins and headed straight towards Titos, as we entered the club, trust me it was something out of the box stuff, it wasn’t like a normal club of Delhi or Mumbai but it was way more beautifully constructed or I can say beautifully crafted. We danced the whole night on EDMs, Bollywood Music, Hollywood Music and lot more. We came out from the party at 3 am not because the party was over but because we were dead tired. 
We decided not to go back to the hotel and we spent our rest of the time on the streets of Goa, lurking here and there. As the sun was about to rise, we went to the Bagha beach and I witnessed the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen in my entire life. The sun rays directly came on us and the warm feeling of the sun rays hitting my cheeks cannot be compared to any other feeling in this world. 
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We all went back to our hotel @ 10 am and decided not to go out anywhere else as we had a train to catch. We had sufficient amount of rest and packed our bags for the train journey and @ 11pm, we were in the train heading back to Delhi. 
This was the first trip of my college life and the best one so far.  

Prashant Arora