A office fun outing had been planned for long but because of one reason or the other i kept being delayed since december 2012. But finally it was decided that we would be going to Kikar lodge near Ropar in Punjab for outing on 8th Feb 2013.

Everyone gathered at Noida office and we started at around 7AM in the morning. There was another bus coming from Gurgaon office and we met after crossing azadpur mandi, just after catching the highway.

The first stop of the bus was at Ahuja dhaba at Murthal for breakfast where we were served with delicious aloo parathas along with yummy white butter. The tea in big glass was great too. 

It was already decided that there would not be too many big breaks in between so that we reach our destination at a decent time. With journey proceeding there were small games like antakshri being played in bus. It was not too late that guys started pulling out pints as well. All in all people seemed to have a good time except from cribbing that the resort was too far.

We reached Nupur Bedi by 3 PM, there were cabs arranged by resort people over there. After reaching the resort people went into their rooms first to get fresh. The lunch was ready as well. The resort was spread in a huge piece of land, from what I heard from various people it was somewhere close to 100 acres. 

Anyways as the weather started cooling down, people got down in fields for playing. There were facilities for cricket, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and pool. There was a very nice swimming pool as well.

First days evening had a DJ planned and obviously corporate parties wont be called parties without drinks. So guys drank and danced till their legs gave up. Dinner was good too. 

Well night did not end here for me. had a chance to play poker first time in life with real chips and all. Was a good experience and enough to show how addictive it is. Sadly i did not win anything :(

Next morning guys woke up late after last night hangover. People started participating in different fun activities after having breakfast. There were activities like rappelling, zorbing, quad biking, paintball and zipping.

Personally i did rappelling and zorbing. 

Guys who were not much interested in such activities, enjoyed their time relaxing in swimming pool and enjoying beers. 

Evening time after lunch was planned to be part of team building activities. I had expected them to be boring but they went pretty well.

Bonfire and karaoke were arranged on the the second night of the trip. Had great time humming those oldies from bollywood along with some nice singers in our team.

Once the bonfire was over, we went in our rooms and enjoyed rounds of dumb saraj in our rooms before sleeping.

Next day there was nothing much to do. We started our journey back to New Delhi somewhere around 10 am. The journey back to delhi was fun filled with great sessions of dumb saraj again and reciting the fun songs from the bollywood movies of 90s.

Overall it was a great weekend spent well with team colleagues. Apart from the fun part it was great to know people from other teams as well.  

Vishal Arora



Vishal..pics tell that you guys had great fun. ...
keep inking your experiences....

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