San Francisco, they say is one of the most happening cities of USA. As a seafarer I got the opportunity to explore this beautiful city, though in installments but it was really a nice experience. As our ship was frequently calling SF(San Francisco) and used to stay for almost couple of days at a time, so we used to pre plan our visit and as soon as ship gets along side we rushed roam around.

Our first visit was the world famous The Golden Gate Bridge and Park(sunset point).

Before this I had seen Golden Gate Bridge in movies only but watching it from so close was really fascinating. The view of the Golden Gate was just awesome when looked from the park. Park is also called as sun set point and in a weather with nice calm and cold breeze, watching sun set from the park which is located beside sea and is in itself a fantastic experience which is little difficult to describe in words. And as the sun sets and street lights come into action, the Golden Gate bridge just looks as if it is fully gold plated, just shining like gold.

Our next destination was an Island which is termed as Alcatraz Jail. It used to be called as Inescapable, as it was almost impossible for the prisoners to escape out of the jail, but as its human nature to try and escape so three of the prisoners tried to make way to escape from the jail but as the name Inescapable, all three were caught.

Since maintenance cost went high so the jail is now opened for common people and tourist. In the jail we came to know how prisoners used to live, how they were treated, how they used to spend their time etc. and it was my first experience to visit a jail and it was really unforgettable.



Then we visited different peers made on the sea shore, their view is quite amazing, the way they are constructed and maintain differentiate it from other places.


Our next aim was to explore SF down town, and its night life. We went to down town and found out how the city is well planned and constructed which was once destroyed in an earthquake (almost one third of the city was destroyed). They say the city was rebuilt within nine years of time. Then we went to discos, enjoyed on the music. There we came to know that SF is also known as Gay capital. It is one among the countries which legalized the gays, lesbians and bisexuals categories of relations.

Praveen Kumar Mishra

Mukesh Singh


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