Kochi is located in the Ernakulam district on Kerela and Allepy is 60Km away. Kochi isn't really a tourist spot, more like the gateway to Allepy and the world famous Kerala backwaters.

Though you could give Kochi a day to visit the beach and the check out the Chinese fishing nets. They have no connection to China any more from what I could gather. They were imported from china but were later banned there because of their effects on the ecosystem. Kochi is the only place in the world that still uses these nets. You get fresh fried fish here !! Yummy !!


Cochin also has a shipyard if you are into ships and is a gateway for marine sports that are out of my budget so I can't really talk about them. Cochin also has several luxurious resorts. The main attraction is the herbal therapy that kerala is famous for. So if your pocket can affort it go pamper yourself.


Allepy is famous primarily for its back waters, but the beach a worth a visit too!!

The backwaters probably deserve a separate blog. That is an experience that you really need to go though at least once. These are parts of the world that haven't been polluted by man. Dense forests along the water are absolutely stunning. This is where you go to relax! No wonder Kerala is called God's own country.

Spend a couple of days in the boathouses disconnected from the worldly worries of the mundane life. Totally worth every penny!

The houses are well furnished and cost you from Rs.3000 to well god knows how much for a night. Enjoy the luxuries on a boat! Now who'd have thought of that! There's nothing like the feeling of having kapi served to you in bed while you gaze at the view outside as the boathouse floats along the stream !

Oh. And, if u arent planning to stay on a boathouse, u can always enjoy the boat ride !!

Mohit Sinha



Fantastic images of Allepy and Kochi... Tx for the lovely travel ink....


Vishal Arora


How did i miss this one....Images of backwaters are simply stunning.....


nisha kothari


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