If you’re a shopping buff, you’ll somehow find spare time for retail therapy, regardless of whether you visit a destination for leisure or a corporate meeting. Do you have any of these destinations on your bucket list to enjoy your upcoming vacation?  The good news is that each of these spots throws an exclusive festival dedicated to nothing but untainted amusement, enjoyment, and quite evidently shopping. 

Dubai Shopping Festival 
Fondly called: DSF
Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Though I have compiled this list in not any particular order, the Dubai Shopping Festival - sincerely - is my personal favorite, as it rides high on fame and esteem for offering duty free shopping with a whole lot of merchandises to suit every taste and budget. Usually coinciding with the salubrious winter months of January or February, this 32-day long festival attracts millions of revelers annually to Dubai not just to enjoy steep, enticing discounts and promotions, but at the same time to catch up with some of the world’s most in-demand events, music concerts, cultural shows, and immensely popular brands’ product launches. 

Hong Kong Shopping Festival 
Fondly called: HKSF
Venue: Hong Kong
Ask a suave person or a fashion freak where he or she would like to head out for a trip in July-August? You would probably get the answer as Hong Kong, and the reason is, without doubt, HKSF. Not a shopping enthusiast? Then wait before you trade it off as a hardcore shopping festival because the HKSF is not all about an extensive line of product displays, top-notch brands with astonishing rate tags, and custom-free shopping. It is equally favored for its alluring entertainment shows, dazzling fireworks display, and a fascinating assortment of cultural programs by way of carnivals as well as traditional dragon performances.

Great Singapore Sale 
Fondly called: GSS 
Venue: Singapore 
The GSS is a phenomenal eight-week long shopping extravaganza that usually runs from May through July every year. Besides offering mind blowing discount and reductions on the pricing of high end watches, electronics, stunning jewelry, apparels, cosmetics, designer stuffs, and highly coveted art objects, this is perhaps the best time to visit Singapore and enjoy brilliant deals the place has to offer on hotel accommodation, dining, beauty treatments, wellness packages, and outdoor activities. 

Istanbul Shopping Festival 
Fondly called: ISF 
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey 
There is no better way to immerse in the joie de vivre and lively spirit of Istanbul than visiting here during this mega shopping event. Al though relatively a new kid in the block, the ISF – first started in 2011 – has with much ease caught the attention of shoppers, foodies, fun-lovers, and outdoor buffs from across the globe. Organized in June annually, this event promises substantial mark-downs on your much preferred products, with most modern shopping malls as well as famed traditional shopping districts including Spice Market, Grand Bazaar, and Sapphire Bazaar lining up to provide you with the best ever shopping experience.
Cannes Shopping Festival 
Fondly called: Palais des Festival 
Venue: Cannes
Eventually, this list would be incomplete without mentioning about the Cannes Shopping Festival. Touring Cannes during this 3-day festival is highly recommended, if you’re a fashionista curious to know about the current trends in the fashion world. The major highlight of this exceptional event is fashion shows and display of super trendy costumes designed by big wigs in the industry, aside from hundreds of designer boutiques presenting the ultimate in high street fashion as well as haute couture. Given its nature, Cannes Shopping Festival is often overlooked as a women-centric event, which, alternatively, features a continuum of cool stuffs suitable for a dapper man. 

Kia Patel