Top 5 haunted places in India

Every place has a story of its own, some are songs of heroes, others are myths and some can chill your bones. Some of the places are so scary that even the brave hearts failed to enter. Some claim the dead dances at night and some can hear the noise. We do not know whether they are true or not but we cannot resist the beauty of these places. Here are the top 5 haunting places in India

1 Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort 

This tops the list for being India’s most haunted. While the 17th century fort stores its own darkness, there is a shifting form, which some years ago, could be seen inside the premises of the abandoned Someshwar Temple just before the main building.

2 Pari Tibba in Mussoorie

Known as the Hill of the Fairies or Witch’s Hill, it lies south of the popular Woodstock School. It is an area which is marked by many sightings and paranormal activity such as temperature fluctuations. People who even drive past it have experienced  sudden mood swings

There is a spooky quality to it. Legend speaks of two lovers who died there, struck by lightning. There is an old dilapidated house on this hill, which has a weird story around it.  

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Delhites say Agrasen Ki Baoli is visited by tourists during the day, and the supernatural at night. Rumour has it that the place was once filled with black water, tempting visitors to crawl their way to a watery grave. 

National Library, Kolkata

The beautiful National Library in city of joy, Kolkata has also ghost sighting from the colonial past. Supernatural sightings have been reported by the guards who claimed to have seen the ghost of Lord Hastings.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

 Mumbai is known for its glamour but the city of dreams also has its haunting sites which are lesser known to the world. Mukesh Mills, built in 1870, is another haunted place that has become popular  over the last century. According to sources, an actress was being possessed by a spirit and told the staff to leave the place in a spooky male voice. 

If you are chivalrous enough, go and visit them.

Aditi Chakraborty