An Engineer's Trip is most likely known as the Industrial Visit or IV. Though it's a formal trip we always decide a place which would be Fun enough.We always look forward to a place which has a beauty and industry as well! So our first trip of engineering was to Bangalore and Mysore.

We had traveled 15 hrs long and finally reached Mysore!It was our first planned trip!After checking into a hotel and freshening up we left our place and traveled to Brindavan garden which is most famous in Mysore. It was really worth seeing! We had a lot of photo session and it's a must after visiting this place.Boating, Musical Water, everything was really awesome.

Next Day we left our hotel very early in the morning that's 5:30 am to Chamunda Devi Temple. We really enjoyed our way it's just beautiful temple located on top of the hill. We were mesmerized by seeing the view. We even hosted a flag since it was Independence Day that day!

 After That, we went to GRS Waterpark which was approximately 9 km again that was really a Fun like visiting any other water park.It had rides which were one of its kind, Water Rides the best one according to me is in the pic above!I actually took two rides of this cause I liked it so much.Waves were missed by me but you can surely enjoy it's after 2 pm. Another was the 5D movie which was really breathtaking! Surely you must give a chance to this water park!

Another Place Visited By us that day was Mysore Palace!

This is the place I can never forget cause we had been scolded by our teachers for coming late... we were actually waiting for the lighting! Well, scoldings apart just look at that pic what other's missed while we just enjoyed.

After Seeing the Mysore Palace we headed our way towards Bangalore. Basically, we had our Industrial Visit in Bangalore.After IV we had a metro ride and then we went to Orion Mall which was near Brigade Road(Well know Mall of Bangalore) there we had an ample of time for shopping and for lunch. 

After which we visited ISKCON temple, another famous temple of Bangalore!After that, it was time for us to return home. It was a Short Trip from our busy schedule which we enjoyed a lot and yes the first one which we had planned for our whole class.

Neha Shaikh