We took direct Air India flight from New Delhi to Birmingham  to spend our holidays in England. Next day we planned our  visit to Balaji temple in Birmingham which is one of the famous and  large temple of U.K. 

It is  made with great design and architect which is somewhat similar to that of Venkateswara temple in Tirupathi, India.  It is located near to Dudley and can be reached by bus, and cab. We  took Bus number 87 and reached there at  5.00 P.M  and it almost took about forty minutes from city center.

On our way we stopped for a while near famous Gurudwara temple in Smethwick and took the blessing and eated the Langar and  again continued our journey in bus with same number 87 to Balaji Temple which is almost 15 mins journey.

The Balaji temple was opened on August 2006 and is divided into five parts. Main temple has  deity of Lord Vishnu (Balaji) and on  each side  resides Goddess Lakshmi and Hanuman deities .  

It is similiar to Tirupathi Balaji temple of India, worship is done by the priest in South Indian Style and parsadam ladoo (sweet) is given which one has to purchase giving one pound for one ladoo which are just delicious in taste and big in size,  and one can have as many ladoo one wants.

Second part of Temple is of Ganesha God where Ganesha Idol is worshiped and third one  is of Kartika God where Kartik Idol is worshiped.  

Fourth part of temple is of Shiva where Shivling  is worshiped and fifth is of Sai Baba temple where Sai God is worshiped along with it is worship of Navgrah which comprises of  nine planets such as Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Budha(Mercury), Bhriaspathi (Jupiter), Sukra(Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (Neptune) and Ketu(Pluto).

After having worshiped Ganesha, Kartika, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Hanuman we went to Shiva temple and then Sai Baba temple where we worshiped Sai Baba, and Navgrah where we took nine rounds around it to get the blessing of them. Photography is not allowed inside temple, so were not able to take much pictures inside the temple .

After having  worshiped we went to eat Parsadam (free food) which is always kept there for all visitors to have it. Along with us was trip of school childrens , so it was much crowded on working day,  usually it is crowded in weekends as almost peoples from every corner  comes to take blessings.

Temple is built in large ground, have facilities of parking. Children can enjoy, have fun and there is resting place also where people from outside can spend a night. It is a great place to gather all Indians from different communities and they can enjoy with there family every Indian festival.

We also got a chance  on our second visit on next day to celebrate holi with all people gathered outside the temple.

It was a wonderful trip, we enjoyed a lot in our first and second visit and went happily back to home taking the blessing of God and Goddesses. 

Sonia Singla