One day taking a well needed break from our onsite assignment, we the group of 7 people including 2 locale Filipino office mates went to Nasugbu beach around 100 km from Manila, Philippines capital. Nasugbu has very clean white sand beach with  few water sports options also. There we took on rent a big canopy for whole day for shelter of our clothes and food. Thank god to our female colleagues who bring food, it’s very difficult to find veg food in Philippines anywhere and non-veg eater also not very happy because food habit of Filipino comprises majorly pork and beef. Then after sometime roaming on the beach we plan to get down into sea via a motor boat to a distant islet with snorkeling kit. We spend almost 2 hours over there inside the huge sea just laying down on water bed in clean water with shallow corals. After spending very good time we return back to beach .Till the evening we spend our time on beach running scooter and playing in water with colorful fishes on a very clean beach.




Vaibhav Srivastava

Vishal Arora


Nice one buddy...You must have had a great time..




Very vibrant and beautiful pictures Vaibhav.
Loved your post. We are sure our readers would enjoy the post.
Keep traveling, keep inking your travel.