Travelling has always been a treat to me and my family. During holidays , we always plan great journeys that takes us all to a different routine than a normal one. Holidays gives our family a chance to talk to each other without any hindrances known as smartphones. Haha , yes , you all must be experiencing that. So this year we all travelled to Rajgarh and on our way back we had a single night stay at Barog heights. Mountains are the starting and ending of natural scenery. We started our journey in the morning and with god's grace it was raining lightly so weather was with us. Mcdonalds at Jabli is a for sure stop for us and we had our lunch there then moved ahead. If you don't eat mangoes when you go uphills then you are just not on the track. Mangoes up there are so juicy that it's difficult to explain in words. Monkeys on the road , cool breeze and high mountains was the best things. So in the evening we reached Camp Peach Valley in Rajgarh for which you have to go through a risky and adventurous drive. A bit pricey but worth it is the Camp peach valley. After resting for half an hour , we had snacks and a good time at stargazing there with a bonfire accompanying us. The ambience out there in peach valley is just amazing. One can take a chilled beer and keep their legs in cold running water and just relax. Also , the food and service is also great. Dinner was yummmm. The main tip to enjoy on a holiday is nothing but to keep your smartphone aside and see how life is. Next morning , we had our breakfast and started our journey back to barog which is completely in our way. Reaching Barog heights , we landed in just merely clouds. I would just say that do visit Barog heights whenever you take your car to Shimla highway. As a resident of Chandigarh , our fortnightly visits are at Barog heights. For great ambience and service and also not to forget pleasant weather , it is the best place. Spending a night at Barog heights we headed to our home sweet home the next day. Where ever you go , when you reach your home , you realise there's no place like home. 

Piyush Sarna