Paris is an amazing city where you can go anytime of the year. Summers are really the perfect time to go
there. However, in winters also you can catch a lot of action especially at the Christmas time. As a tourist
I never faced any problem there. The metro network is really perfect, most of the malls are opened till
late night and everywhere there is a tourist information center where you can get information (tourist
information center opens only till 5 pm). Moreover within Paris city, most of the people know English.
When you arrive in Paris at the airport, bus stand or railway stations, the first thing to do is to go to
tourist information center and collect the city map and ask about all the main attractions. In France Paris
is not only the capitol, it is the main tourist place also. There are a number of big museums (Louvre, the
army museum) worth visiting. They are free for people below 25 years of age.

                                                                         The Louvre

I went to Paris twice, once with friends and other time with family. Both times the experience was
very different, equally exciting and memorable. In the outskirts of the city, Palace of Versailles and
Disneyland are there which are worth visiting and easily accessible by Metro. I spent more than 1 week
there in total but still feel that I can go there again. I spent so much time drinking coffee at the bank of
river Siene and just looking at the city and meeting new people.

                                         The Palace of Versailles (with my mom)

                                Me and my mom at the main entrance of the Palace of Versailles

                                                                    Visit to the Disneyland

                                                          And finally the gorgeous Eifel Tower

Alok Kaushik