The village Lilam on the right bank of the Gori River is the entry point of Johaar Valley, and also to the Ralam valley. Opposite on the left bank of the river Pantu is situated. One can reach the village using  a hanging bridge. The route through the village Pantu takes one to Ralam valley. The distance is some 30 odd kms.

The trek to Ralam is a tough one. We were already intimated by locals that the cost of the ration in the inner regions of Ralam would be double of what we get at , mainly because of the tough terrains which make the supplying of daily necessity items in Ralam core areas a challenge in itself . It was a steep climb indeed and one needs a firm determination to continue. In our way we came across a small temple devoted to the regional god- Harsling, and this point also gives some relief to travellers as the tortuous climb stops at the site.

Valley is decorated with rich diversity of flowers in the month of July -  August and a sight to rejoice.

We offered our prayers, lit incense sticks in the temple and then moved ahead. The trek ahead presented new challenges with blood sucking leeches entering into our pants.The path at some places got so steep that it was literally impossible to walk upright and we had to use all four limbs to continue the trek.

We ended our day’s trek when we reached Lingerani. We  collect wood, logs to burn in the night, before it turned dark. After days hectic trek a sound sleep was inevitable :) .
Next morning we started at around 5:30 AM. From Lingerani , it’s the most picturesque and beautiful mountain  paths one would probably witness. The paths were all blooming with the white-pinkish flowers of panger and  bright white flowers of Burans.

On our left we could see the sacred mountain of Harsling, followed by Birjgang top and one could also get a glimpse of  Ralam glacier from the point.

To add to the entire beauty  one comes across many watterfalls falling down from both the sides.

Even though the village Ralam is way far ahead, but the glimpse of the same keeps one encouraged throughout the trek. We continued our trek a decent pace enjoying magnificence of nature’s views.

One also get gets to see the very extensive and rich Marjhali bugyal. probably its one of the place in himalayas which is at par with ‘Valley of Flowers’ if not better (though personally i will give it a upper hand) in floral diversity and its grandeur.

We got help from locals and got one person to accompany us to Ralam glacier, which was some 4-5 kms ahead.

We finally started by 2 PM. Weather conditions suddenly turned real bad and everything drowned in layers of clouds. Probably there was some divine force which gave us the courage to continue despite such turbulent conditions. In our way we crossed the Sangalpa meadows and the Sipu gwar. But suddenly weather turned so very bad that it became impossible to continue and we decided to hold our journey and call it final destination of trek.

In our journey back from ralam valley we were soaked in the magnificent experiences we had in the last few days. I know i can not bring out that magick of natures beauty in words and paras but it would always remain a trek very close to my heart.

Mukesh Singh



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