It was rainy season and Monsoon was at its full swing. Me and my colleagues from my Company decided to go for a trek. After a lot of deliberation, Visapur and Lohagad were the places finalized. Visapur and Lohagad are twin forts near Lonavala. Visapur fort is at a higher elevation. We started from Pune in the morning at 7:30 a.m. Got off at Malavli train station and hired an auto to the base. There's a huge waterfall at the base with its water gushing down from unbelievable heights into the valleys and its pristine water cascading down the rocky cliffs. It was raining heavily and we passed by lush greenery,lot of brimming waterfalls making the view breath-taking. The atmosphere was foggy and there is a path during the final ascent where we have to walk directly up a flowing waterfall, which was very exciting. We asked locals and they said that there were two routes. We chose the best and tougher one. Route is well defined,except for some places, otherwise keep looking at arrows marked on stones and follow the trail which goes up next to the waterfall. The view from the top is jaw-dropping. We were awestruck by the beauty which untouched nature can offer. We could see a lot of cisterns on the top, which would eventually turn into waterfalls.
  We came down from the top and then proceeded towards Lohagad fort. It's a very easy trek to Lohagad fort where you have to walk on road amidst beautiful scenery and then climb stairs to reach the top. You can reach Lohaga fort easily. We came back to Pune by 7:00 p.m in the evening.
What to see:-
Visapur Fort - Beautiful view, Hanuman Temple, Walls of fort ,some old houses and many cisterns.
Lohagad Fort - Nice view, Gates of Fort, Walls, Well.
Level of Difficulty:-
Visapur Fort - Easy to moderate.
Lohagad - Very easy.
Best time to go to both the forts is during Monsoon. Both forts can be covered in a day.

Aditya Sharma