For water lovers a mere splash of water is enough, for rafters though that splash has to come with a lot of hairpin turns and goosebump worthy ways! Presenting before you the top 5 rivers for rafting in India.

1. Zanskar River, Ladakh.

A waterbody at 12000 feet, the Zanskar is your trekking ground in winter and rafting river in summer. With lofty icy peaks rising sky-high on either side, rafting through the 30 km stretch from Padum to Zimo will create memories of a lifetime. With its Grade III- IV level of difficulty, this one's a safer option for the experienced.

2. Teesta River, Darjeeling.

A lovely peaceful river such as Teesta might not appear to present rafting rapids, but it does. Teesta has something for everyone with its Grade I-IV range through the 11 to 37 km distance. From pleasure and thrill for first time rafters to challenging negotiations with the water for the experienced, Teesta has it all.

3. Ganga River, Rishikesh.

Yet another Grade I-IV rafting range, the Ganga at Rishikesh is the one-stop for white water rafting in India. There are a plethora of whirlpools and rapids in the 10-26 km stretch with innovative names like Return to Sender, Golf Course, Three Blind Mice, Tee Off, Double Trouble, Roller Coaster! A scenery of the Sivalik Himalayas to accompany your rafting experience is a trip to vouch for.

4. Indus, Ladakh.

The Indus makes for wonderful sights and some challenging rafting. A Grade III-V rapid rafting river, you'll get a jolt out of this wholesome adventure. The frequent rapid zone from Alchi to Khalsi is what rafters wait for.

5. Barapole River, Coorg.

A Grade II-VII river, the Barapole flowing down the Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau in Dakshina Kannada is what seasoned rafters wait for. If you have waited long for some serious kick out of an adventure, a Grade II Ramba Samba, Grade III Grasshopper, Grade III Wicked Witch, Grade IV Big Bang, Milky Churn or Grade II Morning Coffee might be just the cup of tea for you.

6. Brahmaputra, Arunachal Pradesh.

With its duality of ferocity and silence, the Brahmaputra makes for an unpredictable rafting experience. The flow through Arunachal from Tibet, invading Greater Himalayas is replete with Grade IV-VI rapids. The sheet angry nature of Brahmaputra will challenge any rafter but also give you the thrill you seek!

Happy rafting!


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