Returning down the lane that night, every mind feels the same thing – “the night never gets old.” Music is the strongest form of magic. As it is said, dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is hearing, music festivals are one heck of an excitement and memory. Lights rolling, bands flashing, phones clicking and beats dropping. Living a music festival is a feeling forever.

Ladies and gentleman here representing the 10 most heart throbbing music festivals in India:

1. Sunburn – this commercial electronic, dance and music festival which earlier took place in Vagator, Goa and now in Kesnand, Pune is a must visit. This was ranked by CNN in 2009, as one among the top best music festivals in the world. The thrill of the celebration continues for complete 4 days on multiple stages with various artists showcasing their talents. The environment is set in mood by DJs like Afro jack, Axwell, Pete Tong, etc. The fan bases ranges in lakhs and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to manage the crowd. This festival is a synonym to nonstop music, dance and fun. It would be the best time of your life, an experience never experienced before.

2. Mahindra blues – organized by the Mahindra group with stellar line up, lively entertainment is guaranteed. Past 7 years, the festival takes place in the legendary Mehboob Studio where most of the Hindi movies are created that move our everyday world in Bandra, Mumbai. Ace international music bands, iconic movies, and the over excited crowd comes together in the sounds of the blues like anywhere else round the globe. Props and scenes of many movies are recreated with the help of high ceiling roofs installed with hoists, devices and block mechanism. The objective behind the perennial blue project is the identification of cultural bridge with the farmer community in the US. It is truly a contemporary mix of blues musicians performing in Mumbai.

3. Hornbill – held every year from 1-10 December in Nagaland, this is the biggest cultural tourism festival that takes place in India. It is known as the “Festivals of Festivals.” Organized by the State Tourism and Art and Culture Departments, the festival is a true mix of cultural shows under one roof. It takes place in Kohima where the entire tribe region is engrossed in the celebration. It is a mesmerizing depiction of the traditions of Nagaland and its extravagant culture, food, music, people etc. The festival includes the Naga Morungs exhibition and the Miss Nagaland beauty pageant. It contributes immensely to the state revenue with rich cultural heritage and the resourceful architecture.

4. NH 7 weekender – this is a multi city music festival organized by Only Much Louder (OML). It is one of the biggest music festivals in India with an annual attendance of over 10,000. The flagship event takes place in Pune and later the bands travel to different cities between October and December. The festival is the true picture of artistic divergence and hosts large number of local and international artists. Iconic artists like Megadeth, Steven Wilson, Farhan Akhtar have shared and performed on the prestigious stage. In 2016, the last weekend festival kicked off in Shillong with 40,000 people. It travelled to 3 cities with a cumulative of 110,000 people attending the celebration.

5. Jodhpur riff – this is one of the common favourite music festival which is a beautiful blend of traditional folk music and arts of Rajasthan. This international music festival takes place at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur every October. It is open to all acclaimed folk artists in and around the globe. You know what to do when we say that the 2017 festival will take place from October 5th to 9th. It is a "not for profit" partnership project which has been endorsed by UNESCO as a “Peoples” platform for creativity and sustainable development. It is timed to coincide with the Sharad Purnima with HH Gaj Singh of Marwar being the chief patron of the Jodhpur RIFF.

6. Mood Indigo – also known as MI ,is an annual cultural festival of the Indian institute of technology Bombay. It was started by a group of IITians in 1971. The show witnesses well known national and international artists in the field of music for example Sufi, classical, bollywood etc. The latest edition witnessed a large crowd of more than 131000 students. Pronites is one of the events that has also had performers like Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Pritam, Pankaj Udhas etc. A number of well known bands have also been a part of this enthusiastic meet like euphoria, thermal and a quarter, antaragani etc. The competitions cover all genres like dramatics, films, music, dance etc. It is one of the most widely publicized festivals and receives extensive media coverage by leading printing presses.

7. Summer storm – it is an annual festival that takes place in Bangalore, India. It is held in the palace grounds. It was founded by the Overture India. The significance of the festival is that it promotes hard rock and metal acts and does not bow to have pop or radio friendly musics. It widely regarded as the biggest metal festival in the country with thousands of metal fans across India and abroad. Kyazoonga is a online ticketing company for distribution of tickets. VH1 is also sponsor to gain last minute mileage.

8. Ragasthan – this three day ultra energetic celebrations take place in November in Rajasthan. The feeling of grooving to the drops and beats of the songs, large crowd, film, art and culture in the dessert camps is beyond expression. The festival has 4 stages that run the concurrently. It includes the pop rock genre, electronic dumb step music, fusion folk classic and lastly the open mic stage which feature famous bands and artists. The first edition took place in 16-18th November, 2012 in the outskirts of Jaisalmer. It was attended by 6000 enthusiastic fans. Camel rides and Camel cart are used as the mode of transport in the festival premises. It is listed within the top 10 festivals by the Music Magazine. Famous bands like Kabir Café and pianists like Christoph Chassol have also performed in the festival held in 2014th a variety of art installations.
9. Sula fest – this festival promises many things and truly deserves attention from electric mix of genres to well known artists and instruments, the festival offers all its music lovers a whole range of memorable and exciting talent experience. The festival witnesses a very enthusiastic crowd with magical experience like that of nucleya’s or bloc party’s. Shopaholics can also grab some interesting jewellery and novelty items. It has an Amphi stage, Atmosphere stage, Tropical stage etc.

10. Magnetic fields – this December festival of rajasthan in Alsisar mehal is unlike any other event . The offbeat nature of the immersing local artists and the delicious food gives the feeling of a community which is global. The rajasthani folk musicians perform thousand year old songs about snakes rivers and requited love. Alsisar mehal is a majestic venue , cream colored and leafy with numerous cubby holes and elegant courtyards. A playful and easy going weekend with such atmosphere in details elevates the festival to something more than just gathering peoples and musicians. In the 4th edition of the festival 3000 people witnessed the festival.


Ayushi Arora