It is already September, and the heat is soaring up. Soon  one has to suffer the dry heat of Delhi. Delhi may have all the heritage offer, but not much of peace and serenity. Before the heat gets into head, one should surely try to discover something more outside the city. Here are the 7 offbeat destinations from Delhi where you can escape.

Landour: This little cantonment town outside Mussoorie comes first into my mind. It is one of the most picturesque hill stations in Mussoorie. Landour has its share of fame from colonial rule. One may still find old British Heritage cottages. The cafes are really quaint and beautiful. And another brownie point is that this town where the famous author Ruskin Bond stays and if lucky you might meet him.

Kasol: This is town in the Himachal is called the mini Amsterdam of India. If you want some summer adventure this is the right place. It is the ideal place for trekkers and river rafters. The journey from Delhi to Kasol is about 14 hours. You can stay at the backpackers hostel if you are on a tight budget.

Pangot: If you want a solitary retreat of peace and an escapade ito nature, this Himalayan hamlet is your destination. The drive through this scenic hamlet is accompanied by its beautiful forest cover and streams. It is also a perfect paradise for birdwatchers as there are nearly 300 species of birds inhabiting this place. The place is well suited for camping too.

Fagu: This small town in Himachal is unknown to many but its breath-taking landscape cannot be shunned. With its large forest area one can usually go for camping at Katir. Fagu has many trekking tracks and if you want some local culture and heritage you can visit the Bantha Devi temple of the local god.

Mcleodganj: For all the beautiful hamlets in Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj has been my favourite escapade. It is situated near Dharamshala and has the scenic beauty of lush green landscapes. This small hamlet has a cultural influence of Tibetans. But what one loves most about this place is that it is the ideal trekking destination in the Himachal. For reflecting on cultural history, one must surely visit the Tibetan Museum and the Namgyal Monastery.

Aditi Chakraborty