The best bachelorette party destinations with friends ?


The best family vacation you could have ?

"GOA" : From sun & sand to roads and slopes and everywhere in between .

Goa have been associated with bachelorette weekends and girls trips galore or maybe for a family celebrations,

Dudes are after something for club hopping and a little more terrific night life and Ofcourse a relaxing spa days.

If it's a quick (Domestic) trip ,Indians I must say your after head down to Goa for some sun ,sand and great nights out. This city is practically begging for you to spend the day on the beach or at the pool followed by some shopping on the streets of the capital "panjim".

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa without your family ? But friends all the way fun . ???? In my case this trip with my family and along with one of my family friend was an memorable trip . Even though I keep visiting Goa this trip was the most fortune that I had never dreamt of.

Goa is known for its beaches -pristine clear and golden sand and a bottle of Goa's favourite chilled beer king's at your comfort it's gonna be speechless. ???? imagine walking through a lane in Goa with lots of greenery and along side flattering their Portuguese houses with different shades of colours ???? , and their chatter with their local language in "konakani " which internationally people don't understand until and unless you belong to one of them and tagged as a GOAN.

I was in Goa this summer vacation , and visited Goa after 2 years approximately neither or less Goa had the same beauty in my eyes with no changes around. I stayed at my old ancestor Portuguese house which was based in an tiny village .I did visit the beach ,but that was just a tiny part of the trip . The beach was perhaps based a few km away from the airport the water was as sparkle and crystal clear. ???? I did so much more , since my friend was visiting Goa for the first time I and she explored many new places with my brothers. Perhaps we went on top on the hills which was private and silent thereafter we had our long conversation and chilled beer in our hands was so much fun. The view from the hills was breathtaking .

The next day we planned to go shopping and perhaps wanted to visit more beaches we took our way to the north of Goa since it was a Saturday . The Saturday night market for shopping is well famous , the market at Baga beach is huge and it also has parking behind . We can find a lot of high end designer stuff they hence sell stuff like clothes ,shoes,jewellery etc it's all quite beautifull and cheap. (If you bargain), yet expensive ????

Unfortunately since I'm a foodie for me the most interesting part was the food. Since my cousin is based in Goa he knew the places well . He took us down a hill where we had to walk the slope down , it was a silent place , greenery with a small garden to go inside , the interiors was lovestruck , the restaurant was based near the sea , with a sea side -view where huge boats were passing by , and having Goan food where as fish is their speciality. the food was mouthwatering and I couldn't stop eating I was extremely happy and I didn't want to leave Goa . Apart from food and shopping , one can also party there at clubs most probably especially based near beaches there are many pretty cool bar with cool people who come ,Drink, dance and some loud music .

Perhaps there is still so much more that can be added to the list and it would still be incomplete .

Joanne Dsilva